Mrs. Ukraine International 2018


Mrs. Ukraine International 2018

Mrs. Ukraine InternationalOlena Boyko
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Successful citizen of Kyiv Olena Boyko is a leading Ukrainian makeup artist who is in love with her job and pays lots of attention to it.

Olena Boyko Mrs. Ukraine International 2018
Mrs. Ukraine International | Oksana Dmytrieva
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Oksana Dmytrieva is a charming woman, successful business woman, caring mother of her eleven year old step-son Dmytro and a loving wife.

Oksana Dmytrieva

1st Runner-Up

Mrs. Ukraine International | Oksana Pavlenko
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Oksana Pavlenko

2nd Runner-Up

Mrs. Ukraine International | Oleksandra Shtanii-Medianyk
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Oleksandra Shtanii-Medianyk

3rd Runner-Up

Mrs. Ukraine International | Anna Krivets
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Anna was born in Luhansk and has been living in Kyiv since 2012. She is a photo model and a marketer.

Anna Krivets

4th Runner-Up

Mrs. Ukraine International 2018 CONTESTANTS

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Tayana is a beauty expert, an international extra-class specialist in the beauty sphere, a make-up artist, a stylist, a designer, an image-maker, a beautician and an instructor.

Tayana Ruta
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Daryna is the founder and director of IKOS institute which is an international educational project on the development of kinesiology in Ukraine. She is also an international instructor of kinesiology and the official representative of the Australian Institute of Kinesiology in Ukraine.

Daryna Kovalchuk
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Tetyana is a business woman working in the sphere of woodwork industry. She has higher education and at the moment she lives in the town of Broshniv-Osada, Ivano-Frankivsk region

Tetyana Mandryk
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Mira is a caring mother of two sons, Valentyn and Myroslav. She is the manager of the Center of Development and Practical Psychology “ForYou” for children and adults, a writer and publicist (she writes fiction and coaching literature), healthy life-style expert – a physiologist, a nutritionist, a coach and a psychologist.

Mira Hura
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Konstantsiya is a designer and founder of L'FORYOU clothing brand.

Konstantsiya Kondratieva
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Olena is a practicing psychologist, a beloved wife and a happy mother of two sons (three-year-old Antosh and four-month-old Emil).

Olena Kulvanovska
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Ksenia Hordeieva was born and grew up in Donetsk but she has been living in Kyiv for four years already.

Ksenia Hordeieva
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Successful TV hostess, Inessa was born in Vinnytsia region, Ukraine.

Inessa Poberezhna
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Olena was born in Bucha, Ukraine (Kyiv region).

Olena Terentieva