Iryna Potomska-Ivanyshyna

Iryna Potomska-Ivanyshyna


As a child Iryna followed all the TV-shows with various hosts as she was really interested in this occupation and she had no doubt it is her vocation. As one wise woman said: “Dreams come true if you turn them into actions”. Iryna received her Master's degree in International Economics at Vadym Hetman Kyiv National Economic University, specializing in International Business Management. Later she graduated “Intershkola” school as a TV hostess.

Iryna's family is her support. She has a wonderful daughter Zlata who turned three in the summer – the sweetest age when children start to understand a lot and discover the world. After her daughter was born, Iryna's life obtained new colors as she had to grow up in one day. Once again she came to the thought that her family is number one priority and immersed herself into pleasant everyday issues. But during her first trial TV airing, when she was being prepared, dressed up, with make-up and nice hair, she was watching this process in the mirror and really liked the way she transformed. It was the decisive moment when she understood that she needed self-fulfillment. Due to her determination, diligence and faith in herself Iryna has a bright career of an on-air TV hostess and she undoubtedly loves her job. Live broadcasts always mean live emotions to her. The excitement is still there, before every show, as it was there during the very first time and the support of the viewers gives her the feeling of lightness and self-confidence. The woman is inspired by successful and beautiful women who with their own example teach that everyone is perfect and capable to change their lives for better. She strives to be the better version of herself. Iryna appreciates sincerity, kindness, dignity and openness in people. She is inspired by travels: new emotions, knowledge, people, new adventures and discoveries when the interest to life awakens. Travels provide the feeling of complete freedom. In her free time Iryna likes going to the cinema, concerts, theater premieres and exhibitions with her family and friends as it is necessary to spend some time with the people who you love and who love you. Her strongest source of power is the warmth and love of her loved ones.

“Participation in the prestigious Mrs. Ukraine International pageant is a great honor to me. I am very grateful for the opportunity. It is impossible to miss such a big chance because when the fate understands that the resource it sends to you is being used, there will definitely be even more new opportunities. The is only one life and I want to live it to the full with maximum benefit for me and people around.”