Nelia Pidhirna

Nelia Pidhirna


Nelia has two higher education diplomas in Management of International Economics and Commercial Law. Her life-turning event happened when she met her husband Dmytro. Together they have two charming kids: daughter Erika (4.5 years) and Tymosh (2). in her family Nelia gets everything she needs for harmony and happiness – support, inspiration and motivation for development. The most difficult decision that she had to make was the closure of an arts salon which used to bring her a lot of joy. However, at the moment she has another business – a private kindergarten “Japanese Garden” founded at the beginning of 2015. Before her kids were born, Nelia read “It is Too Late After Three” by Masaru Ibuka and was impressed by the results of the research given there. This book inspired her to create a pre-school educational institution. After she had her own kids, the woman became one of her clients and saw the niche which had not been yet occupied as there were no kindergartens in the area where she lived. The idea of such business looked perfect and successful.

Nelia thinks that every person who wants to be successful needs perseverance and desire. You need to understand that no one ever achieved success without making mistakes. A successful person had fallen 100 times but rose up for the 101st. She appreciates responsibility the most, meaning the readiness to realize and accept that we all are responsible for the things that happen to us. When another person can easily say “yes, my fault, I admit”, they get even more respect in her eyes. Nelia is a real crafts-lady and she works in many creative fields: makes beautiful ceramic interior objects, paints with oils and watercolors. This year she started taking piano lessons and is fascinated by how her brain works during the lessons. Also, her husband is a professional dancer which is why she took up some dance classes and even went to a dance camp with her husband once. In her free time she attends various creative and developing events with her kids and tries to spend as much time as possible with her family.

“I love all the beautiful things. Aesthetic side of life is very important and necessary to me. I am interested not only in showing myself as an active mom and a business lady but also as a beautiful sporty woman. I want to inspire other women by my example as neither age, nor stressful job or kids should be an obstacle on the way to your dream. This is why I decided to take part in the contest”, Nelia commented.