Olena Stepura

Olena Stepura


Olena graduated a higher educational institution in the sphere of railway transportation. Since the childhood she has enjoyed filling the world with beauty and kindness and she always had empathy to children. He biggest treasure and achievements her family. At the moment she is a loving wife and mother of five kids. Two daughters, Oleksandra and adopted Alina, are seventeen and three. Her three sons with cerebral paralysis (Pavlo, 13 and twins Serhii and Myhasyk, 5) completely changed her life into “before” and “after”. After the second child was born and she has overcome all the difficulties, Olena realized that she can and should help other people.

At the moment Olena is the leader of the charity fund “Gavroche” which collaborates with American fund “Gavroche New Orleans” working with children, especially children with disabilities and their families and orphans. The birth of her twins was the final life-turning point in Olena's life while the most difficult decision was to adopt a child. The woman thinks that humanity, respect to people around you, determination and honesty are to be present in every person who wants to be successful. In every person she appreciates the ability to be tolerant, smart and polite. Travels on her “mama-bus” are an integral part of her life. Olena also loves going for walks alone, planning new projects and dreaming.

“The desire to motivate others and to challenge myself was the reason why I dared to take part in this pageant”, Olena comments.