Yulia Amerkhanova

Yulia Amerkhanova


Brand manager and practical psychologist

   The young woman likes positive emotions, what’s more – she likes sharing them with others. This is why Yulia is running her own company which deals with organization of events and celebrations. Moreover, she claims that such activity provides her with the mix of adrenaline and joy because happy faces of her clients prove that the girl has found her vocation.

   Yulia does not rely on luck and she thinks that only accurate planning and focus on her goals can bring her the result she is aiming for. However, you cannot do without love to people and a little help from the Universe.

   Although the contestant is a role model for many people from her surrounding, she has her own mentor and the person who embodies her dreams – Natalia Kholodenko. For Yulia she is the example of a woman who is able to combine the roles of a mother and a business woman, which is exactly what our heroine is aspiring to achieve.

   Yulia is used to treat all the troubles and nuisances with gratitude which is why she is hardly ever upset with work issues, faulty electronics at home etc. All these are taken as temporary obstacles on the normal course of life.

   It was our contestant’s mother who taught her to love the world and the people and because of her Yulia really appreciates openness, honesty, courage and the sense of humor because she knows – the world starts inside.

“Don’t stop at what you’ve achieved” is Yulia's life motto and she is always on the road of improving her skills and knowledge by attending trainings and doing charity work.

   Yulia does not imagine herself without traveling, sports, yoga, meditation and singing classes which brought her numerous victories as such activities are able to help her mind reload completely and provide self-confidence on the way to fulfilling new projects.

“Participation in Mrs. Ukraine International is a chance to overcome my fears and develop my personal qualities under new conditions. Moreover, I will finally be able to make my childhood dream come true”, Yulia shares.