Tsviaver Irina

Tsviaver Irina


Private Entrepreneur 

Irina is the real embodiment of beauty and intelligence as she has two university degrees - she is a dentist and a specialist in international banking law. However, the young woman does not stop at what she has achieved and is obtaining another degree at the moment, this time in foreign economic activity at the National Aviation University. Irina believes that continuous education and self-development are the essential parts of life of any successful woman.

This superwoman along with her husband are raising their four sons. Irina thinks that the meeting with her spouse was her destiny: this super-five is her strong and reliable support.

Having a warm and cozy house, Irina helps others to have one too and works with customers at her curtain atelier. She thinks that this piece of textile is very important and no design will be complete without them and no room will be cozy enough. "I am happy at the mere thought that I help people decorate their family homes and for me personally this type of activity is a sort of "pleasure-therapy", our contestant shares.

Determination, focus and hard work are the main factors that Irina relies on while moving towards success.

"It is important to know what is the goal that you are working for and not to be afraid to fall and rise again and again. Success definitely awaits for those who do not give up on their way to the dream."

It seems that Irina has royal blood in her veins as among her hobbies we can see horse riding, traveling, collecting art, music, theater and musicals. She also feels fulfilled when reading books and meeting interesting people.

Irina tells herself how she came to the participation in the Mrs. Ukraine International pageant:

"At the moment I am a beloved wife, a mother and a successful business lady. I was able to realize my potential in all the spheres of life which are important to me. Now I want to share my story with the world, to show that our lives are in our hands and that the power of a woman is endless."