Maryna Konovalova

Maryna Konovalova


Restaurant business

   Maryna got her education at one of the branches of Kyiv University of Culture and Arts where she studied hotel and restaurant business. She has never doubted her choice as she has always felt especially passionate about preparing a celebratory menu. Since her childhood sophisticated tableware, original presentation and tasty food have been the key factors of both family celebrations and ordinary working days. All those allow her to have not only gastronomic but also aesthetic satisfaction.

   The young woman is not just a successful restaurateur; she is the wonderful mother to her five-year-old son and a model wife. Maryna considers the birth of her son to be a life-changing event, due to which she was able to discover her female potential and obtain the eternal source of love.

   Maryna knows the value of money as she has never counted on somebody else to help her achieve her dreams. This is why at 18 she started working as a waitress and got an insight into the basics of hospitality business.

   She believes that success starts with a woman and claims that “the success of a woman is inscribed in her because you only need to have a look at modern businesswomen who are able of being caring mothers and competitive professionals at the same time. Just think what a wonderful world we live in, the world where a woman can afford doing what she loves and can choose the course of life herself.

   Maryna owes her confidence to her beloved mother who, unfortunately, passed away early but managed to teach her daughter self-respect, confidence and trust in her powers. She was the person who let the young woman understand that there is nothing worse than a beautiful but undereducated woman.

   The contestant is always on the move and is constantly looking for progressive development. For that aim she is able to withstand even long periods of separation from her family in order to obtain new knowledge abroad.

   Despite the lack of free time Maryna always finds a minute to spend with her family; together they go out of the town or travel. Among the things that fill her are books and sport. She is sure that both really help to free her mind from negative thoughts and recharge her for future achievements. 

   Having found out about the Mrs. Ukraine International pageant, Maryna could not hide her excitement with the idea of the project and she did not have any doubt whether to become one of this year's contestants or not. “I am eternally grateful to the organizer of the contest Iana Lutska for bringing the event to Ukraine and the chance to show the whole world that Ukrainian women are not only beautiful but also intelligent and successful”, shares Maryna.