Dubei Nila

Dubei Nila


Psychologist, psychotherapist, system facilitator

Nila has several higher education diplomas and she is constantly improving her qualifications by studying modern methods of therapy taught by the best specialists of our country as well as by foreign experts. She thinks that being a psychologist requires continuous studying of the field.

The woman is the embodiment of a model example on how to manage the marriage as she is the mother to four children (three sons and a daughter). She considers the meeting with her husband to be the life-turning event for her because due to his support she was able to fulfill herself completely both in family and social spheres.

Nila wasn’t always aware of her vocation. When she left a job at an insurance company, she realized that during her maternity years she had managed to do a lot of trainings, courses and seminars and read a vast number of books on psychology without having realized at first that she had already found herself in the profession of a psychologist. She thinks that her main mission in both the first and the second jobs is to help people feel calm and confident.

Nila is certain that success is the thing that favors the brave and the determined. There is no place for immaturity on the way to great deeds which is why she never stops for a moment when moving towards her goals.

“The price of the triumph is the lack of free time”, the woman claims. Thus, when there is a spare minute she prefers to spend it doing various activities with her family and friends who are the source of her inspiration and new knowledge.

When working as a psychologist it is very important to manage to go into therapy yourself and this is why Nila regularly dedicates some time to her own analysis. Books, travels, new places and people are the things that can help her to recharge in no time.

“In my personal experience I know how difficult it is for a woman to go back to social activities after a long break (in my case it was the maternity leave) and my main goal is to show other women that it is easier than it sometimes seems. There is nothing to be afraid of, except for the actual fear.”

Our contestant is sure of that and this is why she dared to take part in Mrs. Ukraine International 2020 contest.