Olena Osypenko

Olena Osypenko


Co-founder and director of “Clinicom” and “Dr. Komarovskyi’s Clinic”


Olena studied professional brand promotion and basics of marketing at university. Later, a couple of years ago she took a special course on PR technologies and production at the University of California, in the USA. Self-fulfillment and a rewarding job have always been the dreams of our contestant. When Olena started working with Dr. Komarovskyi she felt herself capable of creating something meaningful and worthy of pride. The fact that company has achieved international levels and is successful in several countries is one of Olena’s most important achievements. However, what she really wants is to spread the idea of easiness and joy of parenthood. It is exactly the thing that she is doing as the PR specialist as part of the team of Dr. Komarovskyi’s Clinic. Due to her professionalism Olena spreads the values of the company among people and proves to women that being a mother is one of the best initiatives of every woman.

The woman thinks that the secret of her success involves self-confidence and willingness to experiment, as well as her own intuition and readiness to take difficult decisions at any moment.

“You just need to believe in yourself and not look back. Along with that you do not need to be afraid to make mistakes as it is impossible to avoid them completely. It is also very important not to compare yourself to anyone. We are all unique and we all have our own special way.”

Our contestant is sure that it was fate that brought her favorite job along. She started cooperating with her future business partner after her first child was born. Since then, her mission has been to motivate women to give birth and see the motherhood only as a miracle and good trouble. Soon Olena’s husband joined the business so it became a family matter. She tells us that it is very important to have had the support of her husband during the last seventeen years. They met when she was very young and since then she has respected him enormously and the woman always relies on his advice. To her mind they both have become wonderful parents. Together they support their 15-year-old son Alex and help him develop his creative talents, such as drawing, photography, writing and studying foreign languages. The young man is now living and studying in London.

In her free time Olena works on her self-development, takes trainings on marketing, PR and psychology. She is also interested in design and has decorated her house and clinic herself. She is in love with reading, sometimes several books at once. She especially loves reading during her travels. The countries she visits most are Switzerland and Britain. Active leisure and sports are also essential parts of Olena’s life; she is keen on tennis, yoga, jogging and surfing. There is always a minute for her creative hobbies such as drawing, singing and mastering the piano. The plan is to obtain skills in floristics and to learn Spanish in the nearest future. Olena also appreciates time spent with friends. She values human honesty and sincerity.

“If I feel myself warm and nice with a person, then it is the most important thing. Even if there is no chance to see my friends due to our busy schedules, I still really love them, value and wait for an opportunity to meet in a traditionally cozy atmosphere.”

The decision to take part in Mrs. Ukraine International contest was prompted by Olena’s decision to try her strength and not to put off an interesting experience. She is sure that if you really want something, you definitely need to realize your ideas.