Olga Vorona

Olga Vorona


Director of an interior salon, co-founder of a social project of inclusive workshops, linguist and translator


In her job Olga values beauty and elegance and considers her happy and grateful clients to be the main proof of the fact that she is doing what she is meant to do. The wildest dreams of the customers can come true as Olga and her team regularly visit international expos and bring the latest trends to Ukraine. 

Besides that, Olga is the co-founder of the social project. These are inclusive workshops for people with various disabilities who get the opportunity to obtain important professional skills for further employment and to replace their loneliness with communication and active social life. 

“It is important to realize that everything in our lives has not only its price, but also its value.

Extreme situation in the country made the young woman leave her home in Donetsk and basically start her life all over again. This difficult time made her even stronger and helped her realize how important it is to stay a human under any circumstances. 

Olga knows for sure, “The main thing is the faith in your success. You need to be obsessed with global goals, be realistic in your worldviews and avoid wishful thinking. I am sure that true leaders should not blame the circumstances, but hold responsibility not only for their own actions, but also for the teams they are leading.”

A businesswoman has no time for rest in the modern pace of life; however, Olga always finds time to practice fulfilling activities. She prefers slow walks and sincere get-togethers with her friends and family, reading, enjoying cultural events, concerts and workshops. She is madly in love with travels, seas and oceans and opportunities to enjoy the silence for a while.

By taking part in the Mrs. Ukraine International contest Olga strives to pass on an important message – we all can do more than we think we can. 

“I want to show that every one of us is able to change the world for better and these should not just be dramatic words, but real actions which ought to be taken right now.”