From America to Ukraine: Kyiv is to host the world famous successful women beauty pageant Mrs. Ukraine International 2018 for the first time

Date 13 April 2018

Legendary American fest of beauty and success takes root in Ukrainian land.

On Wednesday, April 25 Kyiv Event Hall Regent Hall is hosting the gala evening and contest programme of Mrs. Ukraine International 2018. 14 contestants aged 25-40 from all over Ukraine are going to fight for the main title. The performance by Nina and Tonia Matviienko is going to be the musical gift of the event; the headliner is a magnificent pop-diva, whose name is still being kept secret. Famous TV host Hryhorii Reshetniak is the master of the ceremonies.

It is worth mentioning that the crown of the winner of Mrs. Ukraine International 2018 is going to be awarded by the national director of the contest and the owner of  Mrs. Ukraine International 2017 title Iana Lutska.

"Last year I had the honour of representing Ukraine at Mrs. International 2017 beauty pageant, which took place in Charleston, West Virginia, the USA. Having represented our country at a high level I received an offer from the organizers of the pageant to become the national director of Mrs. Ukraine International and starting this year international beauty pageant with a 30-year history is going to be held in Ukraine for the first time",


- says Iana Lutska, the organizer of the contest.

About the pageant: the main mission of the pageant is to show the world real beauty and success of a woman who is fulfilled as a wife and also accomplished as a business woman. The contestants are the embodiment of all modern beauty standards, both internal and external. They are successful both in family life and their businesses; their way of life is an example for those trying to reach the perfection. By the way, the winner of the crown and the title of Mrs. Ukraine International 2018 will be able to use her chance to win at Mrs. International 2018 pageant this July. Each of the contestants is worthy of wearing the Crown but only one is going to represent Ukraine in the USA.

Red carpet: 17:00

Beginning of the event: 18:30

Supported by: the Department of Education and Science, Youth and Sports, Public Organization “Woman of the 3rd Century”

Partners of the event: general hosting partner Event Hall Regent Hill, general jewelry partner TANGO Jewellery Company, official partners Sposabella, THE ROOTS UKRAINE, security and safety partner “Stels-1”, partners LATINIUM, RADA, Mercedes-Benz, “Total Dental”, MARY COHR, Beauteria, Guinot, Exclusive Group, MILLIANERA, Fight Wear, Moroccanoil, Tigi, Kodokan, Clive Christian, “Siome Nebo”, “Abajour”, Vita Models, Blossom design, “Dim Lileii”.

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