Anna Krivets

Anna Krivets


Anna was born in Luhansk and has been living in Kyiv since 2012. She is a photo model and a marketer. She has two higher education diplomas – organization manager and interior designer. As a child Anna dreamed of becoming a veterinarian and help animals but having grown up, she realized that because of her sensitivity she wouldn't be able to cause pain – operate and do injections. The girl has an entrepreneurial mindset but the creative side still dominates. Anna prefers painting and would like to try oil-painting technique so she started to paint professionally. She adores the theater, opera, museums and she also reads a lot resting and getting lots of inspiration in new knowledge. Apart from that, she does spiritual practices and meditates. Because of her beauty the girl has been on the covers of three glossy magazines.

Anna has a kind heart, she is able to sympathize with others and at the moment she is doing charity work along with her job – she helps little kids suffering from cerebral paralysis. She also loves traveling, enjoys it a lot and gets energized by it. When abroad, she learns about local cultures, people, museums and highlights. Anna has already been to Switzerland, France, Croatia, Spain, Italy, Germany, Austria, Hong-Kong, Slovakia, Latvia and Hungary. She dreams to visit America and see the place where her favorite childhood film “Home Alone” was shot, to experience American mentality, life-style and culture.

Anna's strong sides are her kindness, determination, responsibility, desire to self-perfection, practicality, reliability, optimism and faith in herself. Whatever happens in the life of this bright woman only makes her stronger.

Anna appreciates human honesty, sincerity and loyalty. She has always admired determined personalities who never give up whatever troubles they face and who always have the strength to rise up and shine. She is especially keen on strong-willed people with open minds and a charisma. The girl feels comfortable next to people who are energetic, take life easy, have a sense of humor and inner kindness.

Anna lives by the principle that the main reason for success of a modern woman is the balance in all the areas of life. The French call it “Équilibre” - balance. The woman is sure that everything in life should be balanced and no role should dominate others, including the role of a parent. She thinks that she has a lot of different roles in life – a dear daughter of her parents, a friend, a wife, a housekeeper, a mother, a career woman, a traveler, a keeper of family spirit and a socialite.

Anna loves sport and whenever she has some spare time she goes to the gym and does stretching. Recently she took up a new hobby – dancing.

“I consider this pageant to be very prestigious; its mission is not only to popularize beauty but also to be a possibility to make a statement about yourself as a successful woman. It is an international contest with high moral standards. Participation in this pageant will not only give me a chance to prove myself and show Ukraine my position in life, my success, but also to please my parents so that they would be even more proud of me. Sometimes in order to feel happy and successful a simple smile is enough. A smile of a happy woman brings everyone warmth and faith in their powers. Can you imagine what a fortune you possess? Use your smile more often for your own good and for the good of those around you. There is always a reason to smile somewhere around. I use this easy and wonderful method. We limit ourselves too much and we shouldn't do that as the happiness is in the details. From my mother I got my kindness, my dad gave me intelligence; I have no toughness or rudeness which is why it is a bit difficult for me at times but I learn to defend myself and stand for my rights.”