Inessa Poberezhna

Inessa Poberezhna


Successful TV hostess, Inessa was born in Vinnytsia region, Ukraine.

As a child she dreamed of becoming an actress, a singer or a TV hostess. She graduated Vinnytsia national medical university by the specialty “Clinical Pharmacy” and the higher school "Media & Production" 1+1. She is a loving mother of a six year old son who she is a real example of a lady for. Being a determined person, Inessa appreciates such qualities as humanity, reliability, sharp mind, ability to empathize and to see solutions to problems and not problems. She is the hostess of a morning show “New Day” at VINTERA TV channel and an assistant at the department of social medicine and health care organization at  Vinnytsia national medical university. Being introspective by nature Inessa is always able to see positive qualities in people while communicating. She is sociable, energetic, open and self-confident. She enjoys playing tennis and regularly goes to the gym.

The successful TV hostess also develops her love to art and talent by learning singing and for now she has already recorded several songs. Inessa is also an organizer of charity events. At the moment besides working on her PhD thesis she is the author and hostess of morning TV shows, numerous subjects and clips. Being a creative person she loves theater and literature.

Inessa also loves traveling. She has been all over the world – China, Israel, Jordan, France, Belgium, Hungary, Slovakia, the Netherlands, Turkey, Spain, Italy, Tunisia, Egypt, Poland, Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore.

“I am inspired by the contestants of this contest where beautiful, successful and family women are competing. I felt the power and decided I could do it too! My success is a complex phenomenon. I'll try to explain it with the example of a chair which has four legs. One is family, another one – career, the third one is the friends and the fourth is the hobby. I am constantly balancing on them adding my love, determination and everyday work.”