Olena Kulvanovska

Olena Kulvanovska


Olena is a practicing psychologist, a beloved wife and a happy mother of two sons (three-year-old Antosh and four-month-old Emil). She was born in a historical Ukrainian town of Kaniv, Cherkassy region and lived in Lviv for some time. She has been living in Kyiv for 12 years.

Her credo – love what you do and do what you love.

In the early childhood she dreamed of being a director of a chocolate factory, then a magician and then a doctor. Her dream came true, it only transformed into a healer of human souls. Olena has been interested in psychology since school and thus she successfully graduated Kyiv University of Modern Knowledge with the diploma of a psychologist. She also did additional courses by various programs of modern psychology and psychiatry, graduated leadership program, Rapid Personal Transformation course and school of transformational game “Lila”.

At the moment Olena is a 3rd year student at Wiesbaden Academy of transcultural Psychotherapy (WAPP). She takes an active part in international conferences, seminars and festivals on personal development: “Dzen Time”, TouchFest, Anima, VedaLife, “Life as a Wonder” etc.

Olena loves making friends, socializing and traveling. She has already been to Poland, Russia, Belarus, Georgia, Egypt, Israel and Turkey. She used to live in an ashram in India at the spiritual yoga center Sahadj Marg.

Olena adores the theater and often goes to the cinema with her husband. She is inspired both by chamber creative events and by art-factory “Platforma” festivals. She likes reading modern literature on psychology and tales. The woman admires the fashion world, always attends Ukrainian Fashion Week and loves organizing female theme events. Olena is also keen on quest-rooms and board games with friends.

Her hobbies fill Olena with energy, inspire her to develop, guide her in her studies and bring her joy and inspiration.

You can often hear that the best achievement of a teacher is the achievement of their student. When it comes to Olena Kulvanovska, she thinks that her greatest achievements are the results of her clients and she aspires to have more and more successful, happy and accomplished people around.

Her strong points are the desire to grow and develop, sociability, determination and love to life. The woman is sincerely fond of life and believes that she gets the same in return.

Olena appreciates human honesty, humanity, flexibility, ability to be open to new things, responsibility, sensitivity and sense of humor.

Olena Kulvanovska thinks that a successful woman is first of all a Woman with a capital “W”, the one who loves and respects herself, the one who realizes her potential, shines with health and dignity, is able to be herself and can control her emotions. A successful woman for Olena is a woman filled with love and is successful in relationships, family and self-fulfillment. She discovers herself and brings the World her Value and Mission.

She is a supporter of a healthy life-style and sport is an integral part of a woman's life and her family. Olena does fitness; during her pregnancies she fell in love with swimming. Before her marriage and pregnancy Olena used to do parachute-jumping in a tandem (maximum height – 4,000 m). Together with her husband she learned cycling and skiing. In the future the woman would love to take up Latin dancing.

“My life had different periods but I have found my way with the words “I can”. And today I am a self-confident woman, a beloved wife and a happy loving mom. This contest for me is a chance to widen my horizons, to inspire to show myself, to add new colors to my life. I have a lot to share with Ukrainian women. Dream, believe in yourselves, make a step towards your dreams every day and you will succeed.

Success is not only the result but also the road to this result so I am already a winner as I am taking part in Mrs. Ukraine International 2018.

My success formula is that I invest mainly in myself, in my family and this is my real treasure.”