Mira Hura

Mira Hura


Mira is a caring mother of two sons, Valentyn and Myroslav. She is the manager of the Center of Development and Practical Psychology “ForYou” for children and adults, a writer and publicist (she writes fiction and coaching literature), healthy life-style expert – a physiologist, a nutritionist, a coach and a psychologist. She is also a producer and a TV host. She has higher education in Law, International Relations and Psychology.

Mira was born in Donetsk region, village Novodonetske with Ukrainians, Greeks and Russians among her ancestors. She is a creative person and she adores music and plays several musical instruments (the piano, the accordion and the tank drum). Besides music she is fond of writing tales, poetry, fiction, motivational and training literature. From the early childhood she has been fond of dancing and she loves to spend some time with paints and brushes.

The woman also studies advanced yoga and teaches beginner classes at her center. She also loves going to the theater, opera and ballet and especially loves cinema. Mira is fond of blogging as she thinks it is essential in modern world.

One of her achievements is the publishing of her book “The Bee Tale”, “There was a Girl”. Her love to healthy life-style and development brought her to the professional activity in the spheres of physiology and nutrition as well as other directions connected with energy and beauty, which led to the opening of her center “ForYou”. Mira is the author and the hostess of international projects: “Style Reload”, “Healthy Life-style with the Stars” on Europe Plus TV channel, “Healthy Life-style at radio Romantika”, “Business Marathon” etc.

Mira travels a lots and has visited such countries as Slovakia, Czech Republic, France, Italy, Spain, Montenegro, Egypt, Turkey, Hungary. Georgia, Abkhasia and Germany.

She thinks that her strong points are that she is easy-gong and quick to react, the ability to rise up in any situation, positive and optimistic mindset, ability to learn and find her way, determination and eagerness, thirst for new things.

She appreciates human desire to be themselves, sincerity and reliability, kindness and generosity, determination, sensitivity and of course love to yourself and acceptance of all people.

As a child Mira was a big dreamer, she sought breathtaking feelings and dreamed of being useful to people. She was choosing among many occupations – an actress, a singer, a TV hostess, a president, a nurse traveling around the world and healing people and animals.

Mira understands a successful woman as a combination of femininity and strength. She thinks that the success of a woman is her doing what she loves. You need to be in constant development in order to be successful, in your life, your creativity an your feminine essence. There is need for balance of personal harmonious life, inner state of mind and development of your business.

She pays a lot of attention to healthy life-style and does sport – yoga, gym work-out with an instructor but she prefers walking and counting steps (at least 20,000 steps a day), breathing practices, kung-fu (Shao Lin) and goes swimming whenever possible. Mira also loves to indulge herself with SPA procedures and sometimes, when she is in the mood, goes skiing, skating, skateboarding and surfing.

“For me participation in Mrs. Ukraine International 2018 is very unexpected and exciting. Realizing the global scale of the pageant I start to tremble! I am aware of the level of responsibility! This is going to be a huge experience and one more great feeling in my “collection” which I am going to cherish for the rest of my life. But I immediately had a question – how can I be useful for the world around me by taking part in the contest? And I am sure that I will be able to demonstrate a certain level and attitude to life in the persons of us, the contestants. I would also like to have a chance to see and feel new horizons! I have a great wish to win the contest! And follow up in the project in order to get new experience and new emotions. Open new possibilities. Meet new people. The goal of my activity is to see the results of others! I am sure that the pageant demonstrates the value of development by the example of the contestants!

My secret of success:

Motto: Do it at once!

Self-discipline: it is not the limitation of your freedom but removal of all unnecessary things!

The best investment – into your development and development of others!

Always act!

The value of family – we do everything for the sake of love! Family is the biggest inspiration!

Be open to new possibilities, ideas and people!

Thirst for your life and time! Desire to be happy at all times! Time is not to be returned or exchanged!

My Future is my inspiration! So many plans and ideas to realize!"