Oksana Dmytrieva

Oksana Dmytrieva


Oksana Dmytrieva is a charming woman, successful business woman, caring mother of her eleven year old step-son Dmytro and a loving wife. She has been working as a doctor for 15 years and at present she is the owner and the chief doctor of Kyiv based dental clinic Status Dental Studio. She works as a dentist-orthodontist. In 2017 Oksana was awarded the honorary prize and the title at 10th ceremony of the All Ukrainian award “Woman of the 3rd Century”. The same year Oksana was awarded with “COSMOLADY Awards” prize.

She was born in Dnipropetrovsk and lived there until she was six. Since 2007 Oksana has been living in Kyiv. From the early childhood the girl was a creative and active kid and when she was 5, her parents took her to a ballroom and Latin dance class. Dancing is still her main hobby. She also has always had a sensitive nature which is able to sympathize and desires to help, so she was always sure she would become a doctor and graduated Dnipropetrovsk state medical academy.

Oksana combines many personal qualities: kindness, honesty, mercy, eagerness, patience and persistence. All these helped her achieve considerable heights in her life. Her patients' beautiful and happy smiles along with her dental clinic Status Dental Studio are her main achievements and motivation to work. Oksana Dmytrieva loves to travel and she has already visited Italy, Greece, Germany, France, Switzerland, India and America. Being curious and thirsty for new knowledge and also because of her job, she has to travel around the world to visit medical conferences and seminars. However, Oksana is a true patriot and she thinks that there is no better country than Ukraine.

She appreciates human loyalty, honesty, responsibility as she is herself working a lot on her self-improvement and development. Oksana thinks that a successful woman is a happy woman. Thus the success needs to be present not only in her work but in her family as well, in everything she does. Her favorite hobby (dancing) helps her feel on the top of the world not only physically but also mentally. For her it's not only sports and leisure, it is her inspiration and joy. The second breath opens in her with the first sounds of music, force comes from nowhere and new positive energy fills her body and soul.

“When I was told that Ukraine holds such a legendary pageant for the first time, I instantly knew that this is my chance to show the world that Ukrainian women are not just beautiful but also successful and socially active. I am proud to be Ukrainian and this spirit makes me stronger especially in our times. I believe that my own story of success will inspire many girls and women to go for new victories and achievements. My success largely depends on my trust in my own powers. Those are given by family support, excellent results of work, new knowledge and a great desire to live my life brightly, happily and harmoniously. My motto, which has been giving me lots of inner strength, is “Define your main goal in life and build everything around it.”