Oksana Pavlenko

Oksana Pavlenko


Oksana is a lawyer, PhD in Law, a stylist with British and Italian diplomas and, of course, a beloved wife and a happy mom. Oksana's little son is only two. She was born in the capital of Ukraine and used to live in Italy (Milan) for some time. In her childhood Oksana loved to organize everything and said that if she grew up to be tall and beautiful, she would become a model and if she wouldn't become one, then she would definitely become a lawyer. At the moment Pavlenko Oksana is the owner of a style studio, stylist and personal consultant. She likes to emphasize the individuality of her clients, make them beautiful, happy and self-confident.

The woman is keen on theatre, operetta and ballet. She especially prefers Vienna Opera Theater and Italian La Scala. She also loves attending art exhibitions.

When it comes to sport Oksana prefers functional training, TRX, stretching, yoga and modern dancing.

She has traveled to such countries as Italy, France, Great Britain, the Netherlands, Austria, Greece, Thailand, Dominican Republic, Indonesia, Vietnam and Singapore. Her strong points are desire to create, endless optimism and persistence in achieving her goals.

Oksana appreciates such personal qualities as sympathy, honesty, sincerity, diligence and positive mindset.                                                      Oksana Pavlenko thinks that a successful woman should be self-confident and support her confidence with work achievements; a successful woman should be able to plan and manage her time correctly in order to have some for both family and work. And one of the main factors is that a successful woman should inspire others to become better and constantly seek perfection.

I decided to take part in the pageant for several reasons. Firstly as an element of self-development as it is necessary to develop myself in different ways. The second reason is that I really want to inspire women with families to be more socially active and find some time to develop their personal potential, to take care of themselves as a happy woman is the one filled with energy from all sides. My secret of success is very simple – more positivity and faith that everything is going to turn out right! And as well the ability to take any situation in life easy and to dream as a child, work as a wonder-woman and rest like a queen!”