Tayana Ruta

Tayana Ruta


Tayana is a beauty expert, an international extra-class specialist in the beauty sphere, a make-up artist, a stylist, a designer, an image-maker, a beautician and an instructor. She was born in Kirovohrad, Ukraine, currently lives in Kyiv. Tayana graduated Kharkiv Pharmaceutical Academy with the diploma of a pharmacist and beautician, Academy of Makeup “Gold Beauty” as a makeup artist; OMC Paris Institut Technigue du Maquillage with the qualification of an extra-class specialist on makeup, style and look-making, International Fashion Academy (Paris) with the Bachelor's Diploma on fashion and technologies, school of cosmetology Partner Plus with the qualification of mesotherapist and specialist on injection methods, UPTODATE Fashion Academy (Paris) with the qualification of Beauty Lookmaker, International Academy of Personnel Management (Kyiv) with the Master's Diploma in personnel management and management. Tayana is a loving mother of ten-month-old twins – Mirabella and Daniela.

As a child she dreamed to become a makeup artist and a fashion designer. This dream came true almost immediately – in her school years Tayana designed dresses for herself and later brought her ideas to life with a tailor. She started learning makeup along with her studies at medical university. First it was a hobby but soon Tayana had her own beauty salon where she taught basic courses, worked as a top-specialist and obtained new knowledge abroad as the beauty industry is developing very fast and you always need to be on the top of innovations in order to bring beauty to the world.

Tayana Ruta is the creator of Ruta Style brand awarded the first prize at the All-Ukrainian annual festival of beauty industry “Beauty Party”. She collaborates with modeling agencies, magazines and best photographers, used to be the official makeup artist of  Yves Saint Laurent Paris in Ukraine and was named the best makeup artist of YSL in Ukraine. The woman regularly attends trainings by the best world beauty companies on the innovative beauty techniques and works with VIP clients. She also used to be the official Dior makeup artist in Ukraine. For two years she was a make-up artist and stylist at Project Build Advertising Dubai. In 2015 Tayana founded her world-class Academy of Style and Make-up "Ruta Style Makeup Academy".

Tayana loves spatial arts such as photography, painting, jewelry design, adores painting portraits and landscapes. She also loves embroidery and knitting but she sees it more as a way of meditation and enjoys the process a lot. Besides, she studies psychology and astrology.

She thinks that sport is life and life is constant movement. Tennis plays a bag part in her life as regular professional trainings give her general strength, energy, drive and incredible satisfaction from the game. When she seeks peacefulness, Tayana does yoga; stretching provides her with muscle flexibility and swimming helps to relax. The woman always prefers personal trainings.

For a long time Tayana lived in Dubai, UAE. She was amazed by the city from the first sight. When still being a tourist she was so impressed with the beauty and luxury of this place that she decided to stay there. Warm waves of the Persian Gulf, hot sun and exciting cuisine made her fall in love more and more. But, having enjoyed everything, Tayana decided to carry on traveling. Her job allows her to be necessary in any part of the world which is why she often combines working with traveling. She loves eastern countries, visits Azerbaijan, often visits France, Germany, Italy, Austria, Poland, Turkey, Egypt and Israel. She has a lot of friends and clients in these countries and plans her next travels with her kids. This year Tayana wants to discover Greece, exquisite Georgian cuisine and of course the Maldives which she has been long dreaming of.

Her strength is in her loyalty to herself, dignity and gratefulness. To her mind a woman gets a lot of wisdom overcoming difficulties and getting strength which is able to inspire others. Her determination and perseverance are the brightest qualities of Tayana's character and are of great help in life.

Sincerity and openness in people are very important to Tayana. She intuitively surveys the personal qualities of people in advance which makes further communication and understanding easier. She appreciates easy-going communication and relationships, respects kindness, sensitivity and private space of others.

To her mind a successful woman is a happy woman whose happiness is immediately seen and felt by the people. She is always full of light and kindness, love and care, ability to share her strength, experience and knowledge with care to others. Tayana is sure that only in such full and harmonious state it is possible to be successful, reach new heights and be a role model for others.

“Participation in the prestigious Mrs. Ukraine International 2018 pageant for me is a great opportunity to represent Ukraine and demonstrate myself, be a role model and an embodiment of femininity and success. All my life I have been dealing with beauty, I provide many women with an opportunity to blossom. My mission is to provide methods and strength, inspire to new heights, give wings to fly and reassure women that all dreams come true. This step for me is the promotion of inner spiritual fulfillment, opportunity to show the world real incomparable beauty.

My success secret is in the ability to clearly prioritize, wisdom, good intuition, continuous self-development, ability to hear myself and see the signs around, faith in myself and love to the people around me as well as the ability to help when being happy.”