Alina Poplavska

Alina Poplavska


Alina has higher education (Manager of Hospitality Business) and is a candidate in Cultural Studies. Important moment in the life of every woman – the moment when her family is created and the child is born. Alina has a loving and beloved husband Oleksandr and her little son Egor is four. She thinks that a person who wants to be successful has to strive that which is why she thinks that the most important qualities are determination, responsibility, self-development, ability to keep inner harmony and to properly prioritize.

Her favorite business is the restaurant and she runs it with ambitions and unbreakable desire to develop and be the best. Why does she talk about the restaurant as of a living creature? Because she is sure that it has its soul. Why does she do that? Because it is the continuation of the family business which she loves incredibly. Communicating with other people you develop herself as you exchange information and information every day.

“I don't say that I am happy to see the troubles which I have to face in the hospitality business but I am grateful to have them. When you overcome those and when you do certain tasks you have in the process of work, you reach success, get joy. With my every decision I go one step up!”, Alina says.

There is no need to look for an icon in both in the professional sphere, spiritual and everyday life. You can create one yourself. For Alina it is first of all a Human who is able to balance success and difficulties maintaining at the same time inner balance. Such person is also able to think positively and enjoys every day.

Alina likes to spend her free time with benefit to her soul. It can be quality time with family or meetings with friends. She is a very creative woman and when she has time and inspiration, she writes poems and draws. Alina also loves traveling; for her it means obtaining absolutely new life experiences and discovery of the world and human values.

“Since the childhood l have dreamed of taking part in a beauty pageant like every other little girl. When I found out about Mrs. Ukraine International, I understood that the girls got an opportunity to REVEAL their beauty alongside their professional qualities. The crucial factors were the desire to try myself, make a statement and get new experience.”