Alisa Miarkovska

Alisa Miarkovska


Alisa is a happy wife and mother of a six-year-old son Arsenii. When the baby was born she discovered a new talent of caregiver: to fill the house with love, warmth and coziness by sharing her life experience, traditions and love to everything around. She thinks that child development is the everyday work on yourself and creation of inner harmony which transfers from one generation to another and it is very important to take part in the upbringing process personally.

She has the Master's Diploma in Economics but she is also an artist working with oil paints and fashion designer. Listening to herself she understood that her calling from the childhood is to work in art and be creative. Women's fashion has been her favorite thing for a long time and since recently she has been working under the KELis brand which helps women feel special and emphasizes their braveness, feeling of style and romantic image of a “Lady”.  

Thus her clothes and accessories have their lovers not only in Ukraine but also in Europe, Australia and America.

Alisa thinks that in 21st century physical abilities determine health and ability to fulfill the goals whereas managing spiritual strengths of the soul means to understand the art of life and create and reach good results by the means of doing what you love. She thinks that her superpower is determination and diligence.

Each person has a gift and if you develop and multiply it, your talents transforms into your favorite activity and the job of your life. My art is my everything and I am grateful to God for giving me the talents and ability to create.

She appreciates honesty and decency and, of course, love to family and the value of life that they live. The thinks that the main person in her life is her mother who is a phenomenal woman and a role model.

“Mother's blessing takes care f me and leads my life giving me enormous strength and faith that everything is going to turn our good even if not from the first attempt”, says Alisa.

Alisa spends her free time with her family, reads books and paints.

“When I first got to oil paints, brushes and canvases... I will never forget my first meeting with the incredible odor which does not allow me to be my previous self.”

Alisa also fulfills herself by traveling as she always returns as another person. New countries, cities, nature, animals, architecture, people and traditions restore her powers, provide her with a range of fresh ideas and fantasies. She is sure that there is always something to learn and to find a miracle in everything and there is always the miracle of God's creation.

“I have always been asked if I worked as a model or if I am connected with the fashion world. At that time I worked in a bank and answered with a smile – no, white collar is my way. But when I got into the world of design and beauty, the contest obtained new sense for me and became a real challenge. This is why when I was offered to participate, I agree because I immediately understood that I was not going to miss such opportunity.