Anna Egorova

Anna Egorova


Anna graduated Dnipropetrovsk National University with the diploma in the Enterprise Economics, Dnipropetrovsk School of Design (Interior Designer) and studied in England and Italy. At the moment she is studying Fashion Industry course at Kyiv Arts Academy. She is married and has two children – ten-year-old daughter and seven-year-old son. Works as the manager and designer at Superior Design studio. The main area of her activity is the design of residential and public spaces as well as the production of exclusive interior elements: furniture, lights a, decor etc. Anna thinks that her main task and aim as a designer is to create comfort and coziness for her clients. She is also mastering a new sphere in the field of fashion – design and tailoring of exclusive outfits, cocktail dresses and evening gowns under the “Superior Design” brand. She prefers individuality in everything. Anna like creating special and beautiful things. “My job is the expression of my inner world and this is what I want to fill the world with and to share with the people around me. My job is my way of life.” She also thinks that “you need to love what you do and live it because only then you can be successful.”

Her life-turning moment was when she moved to Kyiv.

She appreciates optimism, cheerfulness and sense of humor in every person. Since the childhood she has been keen on dancing and music. When Anna was eleven, she started doing hip-hop and Latin American dancing. Learned to play the piano by herself. She could also spend hours dressing her first doll and making outfits for her. The girl loved arts and crafts classes at school where she had to sew, knit or cross stitch. She made her first own dress when she was fourteen and she still has numerous sketch-books with the designs of dresses and houses along with the drawings.

Anna spends her free time with her family going to museums, theaters, concerts and movies; she loves taking walks in the forest, goes swimming and likes weekend tours and meeting her friends. The family hobby is the participation of their dog in different shows. The woman has numerous other interests: listening to music, cooking something special, watching historical movies, playing backgammon and taking photos. She loves reading motivational literature, books on geography, design news and ancient history. Traveling is an integral part of her life as they fill her, motivate and develop her spiritual personality. “Visiting different parts of our world you meet the culture, way of thinking, level of life, traditions and values of various people. I am incredibly inspired by the places with unspoilt nature and architectural monuments. This is an opportunity to dive into a new world, meet new people, new traditions, try new cuisines, relax and get new ideas.

“As a young woman I had some work experience as a model and I had a dream to take part in photo shoots. But at that time it seemed to be something impossible. And now, approaching my 35th birthday I understand that every peak is possible to achieve, you just need to set yourself a goal. Participation in  Mrs. Ukraine International 2019 allows me to understand that it is never too late to make your dream come true. Going onto the stage is already a victory and the beginning of a new cycle.”