Anzhela Medynska

Anzhela Medynska


Anzhela has higher education in Law; she graduated the Department of Law of Ternopil National Economic University and works as a private notary at Ternopil city notarial district. She constantly updates her qualification level and takes part in seminars and scientific conferences. Anzhela has received numerous awards for her high professional level and contribution to the formation of legal state and defense of the laws and citizen rights.

Since her childhood Anzhela was keen on Law and since her first class at school could not imagine herself doing anything else. It is the variety of her chosen occupation that helps her live her life.

The most important thing in her life is the family and her daughter Margarita, who is turning eight, is her main inspiration. Anzhela teaches her daughter to love the arts and active life-style from the early age.

“Margarita has been learning singing since the age of three, takes part in video productions, writes fairy-tales and participates in literary contests. She is my pride and I am incredibly proud of her determination and interest”, Anzhela commented.

She is also inspired by the time she spends with her family, travels that fill her with new emotions and give her the feeling of the endless world, support and faith of her family and friends.

She appreciates honesty, sincerity, reliability, loyalty and decency.

Anzhela thinks that the beauty of a woman starts in her heart and is born in her inner world because if the inner fire is still shining it provides care, tenderness, gentleness, sensitivity, strength and life energy for people surrounding her.

Her success secret is very simple – to do what you love and constantly develop, learn and move only forward.

“I am sure that dreams have the ability to come true which is why I am in love with everything surrounding me and this became the final step in the decision regarding the participation in the contest”

Anzhela commented.