Inna Ivanova

Inna Ivanova


Inna has higher education; she graduated T. Shevchenko Kyiv National University. A life-turning moment in her life happened when she met her husband at dance festival  QievDance White. The friends, who later became witnesses at Inna's wedding, introduced them. Inna and her husband Roman have a three-year-old daughter Aleksandra. Her child is her greatest responsibility. “The most difficult decisions that I had to make in my life are about my daughter especially the choice of  the godmother. I think that spiritual guidance is a very important mission which is why it took me long time to decide who to trust it with.” After her daughter was born, Inna was on the cross-roads regarding her future. It was then when a friend offered to meet up and, knowing Inna's experience in event management, suggested creating an agency.

At the moment Inna is the owner of CrazyDay event agency which organizes weddings, bachelor and bachelorette parties. She has chosen this area as the thinks that these are important events in the life of every person and they have to remain a memorable event for her clients. “I live in the expectation of events and do my best. I personally host wedding ceremonies in order to share my happiness with the couples. I think that happiness can only be shared by a person who has this happiness.” Apart from that Inna dubs cartoons. Her role model and her mentor is her friend Anya who does not notice difficulties because she can analyze any situation and only see positive sides of such. Inna thinks that a quick mind and perseverance are the qualities that every successful person needs. “If I have an idea, I immediately start bringing it into life. If I feel that spark, nothing and no one can stop me. I am driven by the great desire and passion to my business. When you are in the current, you get lots of powers, interesting ideas, useful contacts and, mainly, the result which is way beyond your expectations. Also it is important to have a wish to develop, be interested and not be afraid of anything.” Inna appreciates human sincerity as this is a strong quality that needs courage and honesty. She thinks that sincerity comes from the heart and not the mind.

In her free time Inna goes to the cinema with her husband, opens new restaurants, visits entertainment centers with her daughter. Together they visit her and her husband's parents every month. She has four younger sisters who she likes to meet up with at her parents'. She also likes getting together with her girl-friends. During these meetings they paint and visit live music concerts. Inna enjoys listening to music and walks with her friends who she shares her life stories with and they do the same. These meetings are always positive. Candle-lit dinners and visits to the cinema are integral parts of her life. The woman likes watching comedies and dramas. “Cinema is another dimension which cheers me up and distracts from reality. It is sometimes necessary to take a break from it.”

“As a little girl I loved watching beauty pageants and was excited by the female beauty secretly dreaming of being one of the contestants in a beautiful gown. I was curious what are the emotions that you feel when winning. But I was a chubby girl as my grandma loved feeding me with her pies, dumplings and soups so my chances of participation in such a contest were close to none. At school I didn't even dare of taking part in school pageants. But after my daughter had been born I really changed and became feminine and fulfilled. So when I came across the information about the casting to this contest, I decided that it is my chance to make my childhood dream come true. I understand that I have nothing to lose but will instead get new experience.”