Inna Plakhotniuk

Inna Plakhotniuk


Being a happy wife and mother of two charming kids – three-year-old son David and eighteen-month-old daughter Anastasia Inna is also a successful business woman and founder of her own business in the sphere of international food trade. She has the Master's Diploma in International Economic Relationships and is also an English language translator.

Her life-turning point was the meeting with her future husband after which she decided to move to Kyiv from Moldova. It was her husband's support that helped her open her business, a company specializing in international trade. She created her trademark “JOY FRUIT” which is very successful  both on domestic and international markets.

With her energy and determination Inna was able to represent her brand at annual international exhibitions and draw extensive contracts in such countries as Belarus, Poland, France, Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia, which promotes national production. Inna's company also does charity work providing orphanages with food.

“The success of my team along with my success are proved by the awards that we annually receive such as “The Importer of the Year 2016”, “Specialist of the Year 2016”, “Entrepreneur of the Year 2018”, Inna commented. In 2018 she was awarded the title “TOP-100 Successful Women of Ukraine” by the version of “Ukrainian People” magazine for profound contribution and development of small and medium business in Ukraine.

Since her childhood Inna has been trying to nurture her determination, decisiveness, diligence and she has been trying not to be afraid of anything, always move forward and reach her goals. These are the skills that help her live her life.  

She devotes her free time to her family and tries to spend every moment with them sharing all the love and care that accumulated during the time of her absence due to her busy schedule and visits abroad. Despite her tight schedule Inna tries to spare some time for her favorite hobbies such as dancing, yoga, swimming, fitness. She also loves going to concerts and restaurants with her husband and friends. Lately Inna has been searching for inspiration in fashion, looking for interesting looks and outfits. She also loves traveling, especially to Spain as she thinks that the seaside is the best place to plan her future.

Kids are Inna's main inspiration! Everything changed in her mind when she became a mother! The smiles of her children inspire the woman and push her to new ideas and projects every day!

She appreciates human kindness, honesty, responsibility, diligence and, of course, sense of humor.

Her main principles are her faith in God and gratefulness for everything.

“I decided to realize my childhood dream. I feel that the world of beauty and fashion is a part of myself and I want to fill this part up.

As soon as I found out about Mrs. Ukraine International 2019 pageant, I was obsessed by the thought of participation in it. This is why I am determined to fight for the crown in order not to regret  missing the chance I was given.

For me participation in the contest is an opportunity to make a statement about myself to the whole country and properly represent Ukraine at the international pageant, open new possibilities in social and charity world.

You have to dream because dreams come true”,

Inna comments.