Kateryna Karpiuk

Kateryna Karpiuk


For the last seven years Kateryna has been working in diplomacy, European integration and international security. Her occupation cannot be called not interesting first of all because of her travels. For example, in 2017 alone she managed to work in three countries – Myanmar, Cambodia and Thailand. “My position”, Kateryna says, ”presupposes constant development, self-discipline and ability to control my emotions. Working in the sphere of international relations and security, I am trying to learn from the experience of my European colleagues and apply it in Ukraine. With small steps we bring the security sector to Euroatlantic standards.”

Apart from working with diplomatic and state institutions Kateryna is a member of PGA (Professional Government Association) where she implements her knowledge and experience to the programs of improvement of the reformation of state governance of Ukraine. She obtained her education at Shanghai International Business and Economics University specializing in International  Trade and Economic Relations. At the moment she is a post-graduate student of the faculty of international economics at V. Hetman Kyiv National Economic University. Prior to that she graduated the military lyceum and a school of music (class of piano/cello). Kateryna speaks several languages (English, German, Chinese) and aims to master Japanese one day.

“Things that make a successful person different are planted in the childhood via upbringing; later they are polished by the experience and finally formed by the life-style”, thinks Kateryna.

She is sure that among the qualities of those who have already reached a lot there are definitely curiosity, responsibility for their actions, willingness to admit mistakes, ability to gather people around themselves, will power and self-discipline, diligence (but not workaholism), creativity, passion to everything they do and determination. Her hobbies are target shooting, style and makeup classes and Japanese. “I am inspired by classical music especially by Italian opera of the veritism period: “Floria Toska” and “Cavaleria Rusticana”. They are full of melody, passion and life. Besides that I like reading books on strategic management.”

“Taking part in this contest I want to demonstrate how important it is for a woman to have good education. Because beauty alone cannot save the world. In order to change it you need to start with yourself. I want to break the stereotype that career women are tough. By my own example I am going to show that in this harsh and competitive men's world it is still possible to build a career and remain elegant and feminine.”