Olena Brynza

Olena Brynza


Before Olena became interested in children fashion design, she got her diploma of a manager of hospitality business. After that she had many jobs, all of which were very different and not connected at all, such as chief accountant, restaurant manager, Sphynx cats breeder, stock broker etc. She managed to do different things at the same time; one job gradually changed another. At the time Olena had already been married and had two wonderful kids: son Arsen (now 9) and daughter Zlata (now 10). It only added her more energy and helped her correctly and precisely plan her everyday schedule.

Olena came to design quite unexpectedly. Once at a cat exhibition she made a show house for her pets and received lots o compliments after. Animals inspired her to create her first masterpiece. It was a meter high cage decorated with luxurious fur and a cat-house in the shape of a Fabergé egg. She had never sewn before and had not even been interested in it but one beautiful life-turning day everything changed. A girl asked her to sew a skirt; Olena did not dare to agree for a long time but finally she did everything as well as she could. Glowing eyes of a child melted Olena's heart and she became seriously keen on making nice clothes and bringing joy to kids.

She thinks that success comes when you do what you love and enjoy the process. But you shouldn't forget about the systematic approach, enthusiasm and faith in yourself and your business as they are very important and without these qualities your favorite job might stay a dream forever.

The hardest decision in Olena's life was the divorce. She spent over a year thinking it over, deciding what to do and what is going to happen. Then she realized that if she was not going to be happy, she wouldn't be able to give the same to her kids. Thus, she took the responsibility for this situation, which allows her to do what makes her happy without fearing judgment and not being accepted by her family. At the moment she is in a wonderful relationship with her husband, who inspires and fulfills her. “Don't be afraid to try and make mistakes, as the most scary things are often the ones that give the best results”, claims Olena. The main thing is to be ready to accept the new and let go of the old things, enjoy the present here and now. She doesn't have a person who would be her idol as people constantly develop and their tastes change! Mentors also tend to change along with your growth. People who you used to consider perfect lose their importance for you in some time; it is like a completed stage.

Olena loves new acquaintances and socializing. The state which you are in after communicating with someone is very important. The main thing that she values in people is the “aftertaste” that they leave behind. She spends her free time in different ways; it can be active leisure in the countryside, reading, party, singing or dancing classes, long walk or a movie; she can also turn off her phone and spend a day at home in her pajamas. The woman loves going outside in the summer and does not imagine her life without spontaneity and travels. She can pack her case a couple of hours before the flight and set off to a new country. She also loves singing and dancing especially when there is no one at home. Olena is also keen on psychology.

“It is not a secret that every girl dreams of taking part in a beauty pageant or a fashion show but due to various circumstances I wasn't able to fulfill my childhood dream. However, girls grow up but their dreams stay. Thanks to this contest they become real. I was very happy and surprised when I found out that this pageant is now held in Ukraine. A couple of years ago I got interested in the contest but at that time everything seemed very distant and surreal. I want to enjoy the time on stage, beautiful hairstyling, dresses and spotlights. I want to make a statement about myself, meet new people and give new sources to my business.”