Olga Smachylo

Olga Smachylo


Olga graduated Ternopil National Economic University by three majors. She also studied business at British Columbia Technical Institute in Vancouver. At the moment the woman is studying for her MBA diploma at a German school of business and is the official partner of the Canadian educational organization Open World Learning which specializes on the education at all state educational institutions and language schools in Canada. Olga also collaborates with German universities, consults future students who wish to obtain quality education abroad and later apply their knowledge for the sake of our country.

“With the support of our organization and the friendly Ukrainian community in Canada we organized a number of charity events (“The Youth of Maidan” and the  All-Ukrainian contest “Prominent Ukrainians of Canada”) which allowed Ukrainian kids to visit Canada during their summer holidays.” Apart from that Olga provides immigration consulting; she is the partner of several insurance companies and provides services on various kinds of insurance. The woman also organizes pilgrimage tours to Israel and studies Hebrew. She received a certificate of “The Good Will Ambassador of the State of Israel” from the Ministry of Tourism of Israel. Olga is also trying herself in the media as a hostess at the political Internet channel “InterVizor”. She thinks that every person wishing to achieve success needs to possess such qualities as composure, sensibility, perseverance, resistance to stress, responsibility and the ability to control emotions.

“A successful person is not going to demand impossible things from themselves if they know what they are capable of and they are not going to justify sluggishness and laziness. Successful people always have a plan B, they are always ready to learn and have the boundaries which they do not step over. They are generous and are not afraid to lose their wealth but always share with those who need support.”

She appreciates when people do everything to the end, quickly make decisions, are able to implement sensible corrections when realizing their ideas. Olga thinks that when a person keeps their word they become an authority for others. “The main quality that I value in people is the positive mindset. I value the people who can make fun of themselves and are not afraid to be positive no matter what. If a person does not keep their word, I am not going to be impressed by positive sides.”

In her free time Olga tries to visit her grandma in Ternopil region. She always waits for her granddaughter and cooks her favorite dishes. “I always try to find a couple of days to go somewhere. If it is Ukraine, I go to the mountains; if I go abroad, I mainly choose Portugal as I love the power of the ocean. I can spend days sitting on the rocks and watching the huge waves. In the summer I love sleeping on the beach.” Olga also loves reading, learning languages. She invests a lot into her education as she thinks that the investments into your intelligence always pay back. The woman does fitness, stretching and dancing. She loves table tennis. Recently she became keen on studying various kinds of gems, their influence on other people and useful qualities.

“The chance given to me by Iana Lutska is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. This is either the beginning of a new way or the beginning of an ending. I always choose the tricky way to success and love proper competition as it gives an impact to new actions and helps to define weak points, work them out and move forward. The competition does not let me stay inactive and makes me do everything to get what I want. I enjoy the fact that I am going to be among those distinguished ladies. Each of them has her unique experience which I can use for myself and develop as a business lady and as a woman.”