Natalia Bader

Natalia Bader


Founder of the company “Foodtherapy”


Natalia has higher education in Economics, studied at the University of Economics and Technology and obtained a degree in Accounting and Audit. 

Natalia is happy to have a wonderful, close-knit and happy family. She and her husband raise two children together, a 13 year old daughter and a 6 year old son. “They are my support, my motivation and my love. One for the whole life!”

“Foodtherapy” is the company which for years has been helping people to balance their body systems without any medication, via correcting their diets, special massage of internal organs and individual approach. Natalia manages to turn a human body into a fine-tuned machine and with that to give them happiness, vigor and lightness. 

Natalia admits that her success formula consists of the synergy of several qualities: positive mood, love to your occupation and, most important, believing in yourself. She is sure that we ourselves should be our role models. It is important to continuously strive to be better today than you were yesterday and move forward, learn, gain experience despite any failures. 

She thinks that the birth of her kids is the life-turning event as along with them she felt the desire to make the world better, create, live life to the full and work on numerous ideas and goals. “Being a mother is a great joy which cannot be expressed with words, it needs to be felt.”

The woman appreciates good manners, sense of humor and determination. She is also really attracted by people who are full of energy which gives her the power to achieve new goals and good mood. Natalia prefers active lifestyle which is why she always manages to find time for studying English, singing classes, yoga, meditation and her family, of course. She thinks that it is essential to fill every day with useful and, at the same time, enjoyable things that make us “swifter, higher, stronger”. Natalia feels fulfilled through many things: travels, which promise new acquaintances and emotions, sports and nature which is incredibly beautiful and makes you want to find answers to important questions inside yourself. 

By taking part in Mrs. Ukraine International pageant Natalia hopes to explain to people that we ourselves are the masters of our happiness, health and success and to teach them how to treat themselves right.