Lana Erniyazova

Lana Erniyazova


Private entrepreneur, TV hostess, teacher of choreography


In her childhood Lana learned to follow her aims without doubts. Sport taught her discipline and determination. At 15 years old the young woman became the master of sports in gymnastics. With years her courage and diligence allowed Lana not to be afraid to search for her true self and fulfill in different areas. At the moment she runs her own business and owns a furniture store, works as a TV hostess at “Obozrevatel” TV channel and is the leading dancer at “Hobby Dance” company. Lana has experience working at the Ministry of Economics of Ukraine. She has two higher education diplomas as a Ballet Dancer and Choreographer and International Information Analyst. She also took a course at Oise London in Great Britain. Her interest to learning and teaching inspired her to become an instructor and share her experience with others.  

At the moment Lana is teaching choreography at a kids club in Kyiv and calls working with children her vocation.

“I love teaching kids to feel the music, create new moves and discover the abilities of their bodies. And when I see the results of their efforts, I have no doubts left that I am where I am supposed to be.”

Lana is a happy mother to two young children, a daughter and a son. She thinks that their births are the life-turning events of her life. She raises the kids together with her beloved husband. He is the man who inspires our contestant not to stop and develop every day.

“I am proud to walk along the life next to such a man and I can always count on his wise advice and support.” 

Lana considers her mother to be an example of a perfect woman as she always managed to combine the upbringing of her children with teaching at university. Besides her family, our contestant is motivated by her favorite job and her faith in it. Lana is happy to be in the furniture business as she is inspired when she creates cozy interiors for other people.

The most valuable human traits for her are personality, sense of humor, communication skills, openness and charisma. She keeps her spirit up by dancing and is also keen on studying English and ballet in her free time.

Lana sees the participation in Mrs. Ukraine International pageant as her mission and she wants to show that there is nothing impossible for a woman.

“You can create a close-knit and friendly family and do the job of your life, find your calling and enjoy every moment. The women have the whole Universe inside; that is why they are capable of great and kind acts. And this knowledge inspires to create and share your experience.”