Romaniuk Natalia

Romaniuk Natalia


Founder and CEO of Incognito ™

Natalia graduated Kyiv College of Light Industry, Kyiv National University of Technology and Design as well as the international school of architectural design. Today she dedicates a lot of her time to charity and various social projects.

Natalia is the head of the company Incognito™ which works in the sphere of interior textile design. In the future she aims to create her own range of clothing, headwear and shoes. The young woman has a habit to be determined about her job which is why the activity of her company is based on her own marketing research which makes it possible to satisfy all the needs of their clients using the cutting-edge methods.

Many people have personally experienced Natalia’s persistence as she does not stop at what she has already achieved and quickly moves on to realization of her next projects, among which are implementation of crypto currencies and artificial intelligence and robotics on the basis of her own trademark. By the way, in the sphere of interior design Incognito™ is the only company in Ukraine which has stopped using natural fur in the textiles and other designs which can definitely put the company on the same level with the best world-known brands.

Our participant sees the power of her talent in her creative inclinations because even in the sphere of technology her creativity is still there. Her mission is to make this world a better place.

Natalia thinks that “the most difficult thing on the way to success is the self-improvement, as only when we are face to face with our fears, we are able to realize our self-worth and understand our vocation.”

When the life is full of innumerous tasks, it is important to find a source of inspiration and motivation in order to move on. For Natalia it is not only her close friend, but also a famous writer Anna Bohynska and Her Serene Highness Polish Princess Angelika Jaroslawska-Sapieha, whose actions and life-view arouse admiration among many.

Natalia’s friends possess the best personal qualities, but what she values them the most for is their honesty and frankness. Their support and faith became the key factors when Natalia was taking the decision regarding the participation in the Mrs. Ukraine International 2020 contest.