Yulia Shulzhenko

Yulia Shulzhenko


Yulia is a rather independent young woman and this is why for over than thirteen years she has been developing her own business in the sphere of manufacturing and retail of clothes of leading world brands. Her company has taken over not only Ukraine, but also Russia and Kazakhstan.

Yulia believes that success favors those who believe in themselves. “When a person does what they love, success comes as a result of a large number of small steps on the way to a large and significant goal,” reassures the woman.

Her interest in the biographies of great people has given her the confidence in the fact that our fate is only determined by our acts and actions and there is always something equally important to learn both from Dalai Lama and Marilyn Monroe.

The hardest thing that Yulia had to overcome was her failures. Being a perfectionist by nature, she often failed to notice those hidden opportunities and lessons which brought along falls and let-downs, but in the hindsight had given her a huge impulse for personal development.

Yulia thinks that the most important event of her life was when she accepted herself and the world around as they are and understood that only beauty, love and inner change are the things that can change the world.

The things she appreciates most in people are honesty and hard work on the way to their goals. “Kindness is also extremely important to me, without it any idea turns into cold pragmatism. I am sure that when we sincerely give away something, we are able to find true happiness.”

The young woman has a very active lifestyle; however, recently she has been giving all her inner resources to her family and close people, putting business issues into the background.

Traveling has become a usual part of her life and there is always time for other interests such as yoga, books and poem writing. These are the key factors of a good day off for her as they grant her great relaxation and are the sources of her inspiration.

When asked why she decided to take part in the contest, Yulia answers,”I have always tried to listen to my inner self and I just felt that there is a mission for me in this world and the universe provides me with ways to realize this mission. This feeling can be described by an abstract from one of my poems:

I know one day it happens so
That I can influence many things!
And I pray to learn how
Not to lose the purity on the way…”