Starynska Daria

Starynska Daria


The founder of “Study Guru” consulting company (education in Malaysia)

Daria has two higher education diplomas – Bachelor in Pedagogics (choreography teacher) and Bachelor of Drama (director of variety shows and public events). She also started obtaining her third (unfinished yet) degree in Malaysia, which, actually, gave her a stimulus to achieve more in the terms of her career. Daria is in a happy marriage with her husband who, for many years, has been not only a loving spouse but also a reliable partner in life. Half a year ago the couple became even happier when their daughter Agnia was born.   

Life wasn’t always nice to Daria which is why she had to go through a lot of difficulties to achieve success. Due to her persistence, the young woman’s unfulfilled plans to move to Singapore turned into a spontaneous trip to Malaysia where she decided to apply to a university and began studying Hotel Management and Tourism. Later on she launched her own project which helps students obtain higher education at the best universities of England, the USA, Australia and Asia.

“My main goal is to help people find their vocation and make their dreams come true with the help of quality education and prestigious diploma. Moreover, working with younger generation I realize how talented, bright, confident and free in their choices they are and this is our future. I am proud of being involved in their success.”

Kuala-Lumpur has become a real home for Daria and thousands of people who sought her help. Her company, “Study Guru” has given them the opportunity to study in Malaysia, make new friends and get a proper job in the future. 

The main secret of Daria’s success is that she is working hard on a daily basis and works with no days off in order to achieve the desired results.

“There is no such word as “NO” for me. It is only an impulse to search for new ways out. Trust in myself. Just think, all the geniuses, successful people and celebrities are ordinary people. If they can do something then I can do no worse.”

The family and close people are incredibly important to Daria and they all are very supportive of our contestant. She calls them the source of her inspiration.

The young woman rejects the idea of “an idol”; however, she does not deny that there are people who motivate her to be the best in her field. This is why she is always on the same wavelength with the time.

Daria believes that she has never had to make a really hard decision as she has a philosophical view on those matters. “For me when something is “hard” it is when there is a choice between the life of a mother or a child; when the military need to make difficult tactic decisions or when doctors perform complicated operations. I am lucky as I haven’t been in any of such dramatic situations for all my life. So, when I make a decision I try to listen to myself. When the decision is made I never doubt it. The past does not influence me and I try not to doubt the choices I have made before.”

Daria constantly challenges herself and the idea of participation in Mrs. Ukraine International contest was rather spontaneous, but also well considered as this jigsaw puzzle of the decisions that we have made finally turns into our unique way to success.