Victoria Sushchak

Victoria Sushchak


TV hostess, anchor and model

   Victoria has two higher education degrees; she graduated V. Stefanyk Precarpathian University where she obtained a diploma of a teacher of music and singing as well as the qualification of a psychologist.

   Her way to Mrs. Ukraine International pageant was rather long. It all began in 1990; 29 years ago Victoria got the following awards: Miss Precarpathians, Miss Charming of Western Ukraine and Vice Miss Audience Choice.

   Victoria is not only a successful woman but also a model mother and wife. She knows that family is an invaluable gift, which is why she loves spending her free time doing various activities with her loved ones.

   “Stability” is the word that fits our contestant the best as she has been working at TV company “3-Studiya”  in Ivano-Frankivsk and is the hostess of a greetings programme there. In addition, Victoria has created a number of her own TV shows such as “Time for Fun”, “Tasty Leisure”, “Your World”. She was also the weather presenter for 17 years.

   When looking through the list of her achievements, it is not difficult to guess her name as she clearly demonstrates that there is only one way for her, the way to Victory.

   However, this amazing woman also inspires others to take the steer of their lives and move forward. Four years ago she established a modeling agency with the motto “We break the stereotypes! You only need to overcome your fears, self doubt and make a step towards yourself!” “Victoria” agency takes active part in photo shoots, city and regional celebrations and organizes TV shootings.

   Victoria personally directs runway walks and creates shows, gives workshops on defile, posture and inner organization.

   Someone might say that this is impossible, and someone is Victoria. She personally wants to persuade everyone that a woman is the basis of the world order and the main source of the Universe.

   “In order to achieve success one should first of all have the wish for change, will, stability, self-confidence; you constantly need to learn and develop, look for experienced teachers and mentors and not be afraid of failures and criticism. You shouldn't live in constant expectation of a miracle, you should act”, persuades Victoria.

   Unfortunately, behind the immense success of this woman there is a life drama – momentous loss of her mother, father and sister at the age of thirty-three. When there was the time to choose between “to live” and “to stop”, she chose the first option and the result was not long to wait for. 

   Victoria's life is based on three pillars: honesty, kindness and ability to keep her word. These are the qualities that she appreciates on people and believes that everything is possible in life!