Natalia Tymchenko

Natalia Tymchenko


Photo and video model, actress, TV hostess, volunteer


Since the childhood Natalia has been dreaming about modelling and a career in fashion industry. The first step was made when she won the “Torsk Beauty” contest. After that the model scouts at “Miss Donbass” pageant noticed the girl and invited her to work with them. Starting from 17 years old she has visited more than twenty countries; the longest she worked as a model in Italy and the USA. In between of her numerous flights from one part of the world to another Natalia managed to obtain a university degree in Economics, however, she chose modeling as her main professional occupation. With years our contestant decided to develop as a TV hostess and an actress. Natalia has recently obtained a diploma of Ukrainian media school “ShowMax Production”.

Natalia considers volunteering to be one of the biggest initiatives of her life. At the moment she is working to support orphans and children from underprivileged families. In her free time she visits boarding schools and orphanages, brings presents to kids and organizes workshops and events with other volunteers. It was the motherhood that inspired Natalia to take care of the youngest Ukrainians. Together with her husband she has two children – her daughters are nine and four. Her life turned around when she met her love and the father of their kids. Natalia tells us that he supports her enormously, inspires and leads her through life. Her own father as the head of the family became an authority to her earlier.

“My father was my role model my whole life. And now I look up to and rely only on my husband.”

Ideal leisure time for our contestant is a visit to the theatre with the family or a walk in the park. She loves traveling and discovering new places in the world. Her favorite activities are reading and sports – she has been keen on jogging and fitness for a couple of years already. To her mind active life style helps her develop some of the most important character traits – stress resistance and determination.

“In order to achieve success you need to set your goals clearly and draw up the plan. If you have started anything, you may not give up under any circumstances. When something goes wrong, you need to stop, take a breath, think over your mistakes and move on.”

Natalia is sure that confidence in her plans and actions will help her overcome any hardships and turn a difficult decision into a conscious step forward. The most important thing is to be honest in your intentions with yourself and with the people around you. Natalia appreciates honesty, straightforwardness, as well as honesty and kindness.

The woman considers the participation in Mrs. Ukraine International contest to be her mission in order to bring forward the idea of not being careless towards the children from underprivileged backgrounds and orphans. To do so she is going to present her project on fulfilling the biggest dreams of orphans and finding loving parents for them. It was her husband who inspired Natalia to tell about her idea on the international level. He is the man to whom she owes her confidence and faith in her charity goal.