Anastasia Ignatyeva

Anastasia Ignatyeva


Plastic and reconstructive surgeon

Anastasia is a plastic and reconstructive surgeon at “Doctor Ignatyev International Clinic'', a scientist at P. L. Shupyk National Medical Academy of Postgraduate Studies, a speaker of EMET Medicine educational center, a third-generation surgeon. In 2017 she was one of the world TOP-50 young surgeons (IASSS, Switzerland) and represented Ukraine at the World Surgical Congress in Bazel. She also has experience of working in the area of reconstructive surgery in the UK and as an aesthetic surgeon in Switzerland, Spain and South Korea.


“Doctor Ignatyev International Clinic” is a multi-field premium class clinic in Marbella, on the Spanish coast and in Kyiv. The clinic offers complex treatment of spinal conditions for children and adults, beauty services and plastic surgery. Every year, starting from 2016, the institution is the winner of the “Leader of the Year” award. The medical personnel have been awarded the Golden Order of Ukraine and have two Gold nominations from USA clinics.


In 2015, with the support of “British Institute of Plastic Surgery London” a department of plastic reconstructive surgery under the supervision of Anastasia Ignatyeva was opened as a part of “Doctor Ignatyev International Clinic” chain. The collaboration with English plastic surgeons took place in order to introduce modern surgical protocols, equip the clinic with the cutting-edge devices and improve the qualifications of the aesthetic medicine specialists in Ukraine.

“At the moment we are working on the foundation of the most powerful reconstructive center of plastic surgery in Ukraine. We are teaching young surgeons and aim to expand the clinic. We started a very active research and scientific activity in order to compete with the best hospitals of England and Europe,” says Anastasia.

This tender-looking surgeon performs complex reconstructive and aesthetic surgeries both on body and face. She spends her free time working on educational campaigns in the sphere of medicine. Among her achievements she likes to mention the improvement of the rhinoplasty technique so that it is less traumatic and provides higher stabilization of bone structures. The main principle of Anastasia’s work is to retain the natural and individual look of her patient.


Anastasia speaks fluent English and Spanish as she has been working in prestigious British and Spanish hospitals for more than 2 years, with the largest British Queen Elizabeth Hospital being one of those. Apart from her professional major Anastasia had internships at oncological, endovascular and laparoscopic clinics, including DAVOS course in Switzerland. She has numerous publications in medical journals both in Ukraine and abroad.