Iryna Seniuta

Iryna Seniuta


Lawer, teacher, scientist and civil activist in the sphere of medical law


Iryna is a scientist who also works in the spheres of law, teaching, international and civil activism as well as charity. She has a degree in Law and sees her mission in the promotion of medical law in Ukraine, creation of lawful medicine and socially responsible medical and legal businesses.


Iryna Senuita has a PhD in Law, works as an associate professor at the Department of Medical Law of Danylo Halytskyi Lviv National Medical University which is at the moment the first and the only department of its kind in Ukraine. She is also the Head of the Committee of Medical and Pharmaceutical Law and Bioethics of the National Association of Lawyers of Ukraine, head of the Center of Medical Law of the Higher School of Lawyers of the National Association of Lawyers of Ukraine, a lawyer, the president of the civil group “Foundation of Medical Law and Bioethics of Ukraine'', Lviv Honorary Ambassador, board member of European Association of Medical Law and a member of a Women’s Business Chamber of Ukraine.


She is also a managing partner at “MedLex” company which specializes in medical and pharmaceutical law. In 2019 Iryna was awarded the highest prize of the National Association of Lawyers of Ukraine – Prominent Lawyer of Ukraine; in 2019 and 2020 she was one of the best 100 lawyers of Ukraine in the sphere of Medical Law and Pharmaceutics.


Being a Lviv Honorary Ambassador, Iryna promotes business hospitality of this city, represents it on an international scale, especially via her membership in European Association of Medical Law and World Association of Medical Law.


Her fascination with this area of knowledge started during her university years when she became a member of a civil law club. There was no such discipline as Medical Law at that time; it was a distant and unachievable dream. After her graduation Iryna decided to start promoting it, she had been working hard for many years, passed on her knowledge and soon became a lawyer in this sphere.

“I am so glad that medical law is now shining in both practical and scientific fields. Medical law is my dream that came true, my “occupational disease” and professional love”, proudly says Iryna.

Our contestant is a vivid example of a successful woman who has achieved everything herself. She sees her success from two points of view – internal and external. Her internal success is her ability to be accomplished in her personal and family life, whereas the external one is represented by her professional achievements. The synergy of the two gives her balance, fulfillment and the feeling of living her life to its full. Iryna thinks that in order to succeed you need to combine humanity, professionalism, determination, willpower and communicative skills.

“Success is a mosaic of dreams, wishes and opportunities, and we are the artists that create this picture,” she says.

Her significant person, her mentor and her friend is her Mother who is an incredibly strong, endlessly loving and enormously caring person. There are plenty of role models for Iryna, however, the main thing is to serve mankind, do good deeds, love people around you and be able to give and fill yourself.


Her life changing decision was made in the 9th grade when she decided to become a lawyer. She did not betray her dream, obtained the education she needed and chose to work in a very interesting field of medical law.

“The most difficult part was to realize that I am responsible for every decision I make. As a lawyer I am taking many complicated decisions and understand how important they are for people.”

The qualities that she values in others are responsibility, bright mind, irony, harmony, empathy and tolerance.


She tries to spend all her scarce free time with her family and close people as it is very important to get this essential life energy from the people dear to your heart, to fulfill your dreams together and to be magicians for each other. It is also her time for herself, the time that Iryna uses to change and move on.

“I am lucky to be a daughter, a grand-daughter, a sister, a lover. I have a friendly family where the flames of trust, understanding, support and love are burning. The love of my close people is the main motivation for me, it inspires me to multiply my achievements and not stop at what I have already achieved.”

Her travels abroad, exciting trips, meeting with interesting people, active leisure, interesting books, love and warmth of close people are the things that make her life bright, full and sense bearing.


Mrs. Ukraine International contest for Iryna is a chance to try herself, go for a new goal, fulfill herself and her dreams. It is a challenge as it makes her step out of her comfort zone and it is her desire for personal growth. The contest is also a chance to be a part of a magical festival, a fairy tale from her childhood; it is a chance to enter the luxury world of success and beauty which inspires! Thus, these are her new wings for another flight!