Kateryna Farina

Kateryna Farina


Co-owner of “UkrAgroStrategiya” company, author of an online project for women.


Kateryna is the founder and co-owner of “UkrAgroStrategiya” company which deals with ammonia sales and its introduction into soil. She is also the owner of TM “Magic” and TM “F&Co Fani Cobani” trade marks which both specialize in nail industry goods. The companies are active participants of international exhibitions and export their products to Italy. Kateryna is also the author of online project “Marathon of Slenderness “$exotka”


Our contestant has two higher education diplomas; she graduated Poltava University of Economics and Law and Yaroslav Mudryy National Law University.


She has an amazing family where people love and respect each other. Together with her husband, Kateryna raises two wonderful kids – son Mykhailyk, who is 2.5, and daughter Mashenka – she is only 3 months old.


The young woman is the author of a unique online project “Marathon of Slenderness “$exotka” which has been created for women who dream to quickly get back in shape after giving birth. They have a chance to strengthen their internal female muscles, work on their body and shed a couple of extra kilos. The project involves some of the best specialists in this sphere: nutritionists, a psychologist, fitness instructor, a yoga specialist and a breathing technique specialist.


The marathon is built in a way that helps each of its participants achieve great results without exhausting diets and harsh sport training. It is possible to achieve the body of your dreams in 21 days, of course, if you adhere to all the requirements. The aim of the marathon is to teach the girls to eat properly (without restrictions), enjoy doing sport and take care of their bodies and souls.


To motivate them even more there is a number of prizes, such as a make-up course, astrological forecast and financial rewards.
Agricultural business is another sphere of interest for Kateryna. Her husband was the one who introduced her to this field. At the moment “UkrAgroStrategiya” is the leading company in Ukraine which deals with introduction of ammonia into soil and is one of TOP 10 biggest importers of ammonia to Ukraine.


Kateryna has been working in the nail industry since she was 15 and has gone the whole way from a nail technician to a teacher and owner of her brand materials which are produced in Germany. Every year TM “Magic” and TM “F&Co Fani Cobani” trade marks take part in international exhibitions in Ukraine, Russia and Kazakhstan.


Clear understanding of her mission – to help people and make them happy – pushed Kateryna towards doing what she really thinks is her vocation.

“I really want to prove to every girl and every woman in this world that they are the most beautiful, they are the best. You need to love yourself, respect yourself. Happiness is inside of each of us and we do not need to go somewhere far away to achieve it. The answers to all the questions are inside, but we are only able to find them after we have accepted and loved ourselves.”

Kateryna thinks that in order to achieve success you need to love what you do and you do need to prioritize materialistic things. Follow your heart and you will be successful. Second factor is systematic work, you need to keep working, but, still, remember to take a break, otherwise there is a chance of burnout. And thirdly, you need to respect people you work with, value the effort of every person. It is very hard and almost impossible to achieve real success without a good team.

“I never follow anyone. I live with my own mind, my own life, my own happiness. The most important notion for me is that of EGO-identity which helps me understand all my female uniqueness. I am confident that a happy woman has a happy family, happy husband and happy children,” says Kateryna when answering the question about the most important person in her life.

One of the hardest decisions for Kateryna was to move back to Ukraine from the country where she had a successful business running. Meeting her husband was the reason and this life-turning event happened abroad. It was the moment which completely turned Kateryna's life!


She values honesty and frankness, respects people who achieved a lot in their lives but managed to stay the same as they were before.


Our contestant spends her free time with her husband and children. She loves SPA, fitness, kick-boxing, literature, walks in the forest, watching films and serials, stitching and painting from time to time.


Kateryna is a member of a well-known Ukrainian charity fund which works with orphans, sick children and elderly people who live in specialized homes. She also organized a team of like-minded people who help the Defenders of Ukraine on the territory of Donetsk and Luhansk regions.


Kateryna is a creative person which is why she sometimes needs some quiet time alone with herself. She loves nature, singing of birds, sounds of forest and traveling – they help her recharge. But, sometimes a friendly get-together with her friends and glass of Prosecco is the best stimulant for her.


The crucial factor regarding the decision to take part in Mrs. Ukraine International 2021 contest was the desire to try herself, to experience something new and to show with her own example that a mother of two young children can be successful in business and happy in her family life.

“I want to say that you always need to believe in yourself and your power! You do need to look for excuses all the time, you just need to really want something and do it! I inspire a lot of people with my energy and want to share it on a larger scale. The more I give, the more happiness I receive. I am sure that communication with me can become a wake-up call for many,” says Kateryna.