Ksenia Agibalova

Ksenia Agibalova


Owner of the mini-hotel chain “Sky Home” in Kyiv


Ksenia works in hospitality and is the owner of the chain of mini-hotels in Kyiv, “Sky Home” www.skyhome.kiev.ua


She has two higher education diplomas and MBA degree. Her 20-year-old daughter Valeria is now studying in Poland.


Ksenia is a successful businesswoman and runs her own business. Sky Home is a chain of mini-hotels in Kyiv. They all have a unique design and are located on both right and left banks of the Dnipro river. Snow-white linen, fluffy towels, ideal cleanliness and hospitality are the principles and values of Sky Home! The main mission of the chain is coziness, comfort and 100% cleanliness. This is what makes people come here again and again.

“I feel that making people feel comfortable and clean is my main goal. I personally check the cleanliness in my hotels! And I feel incredible feedback from everything I do, especially from the guests of Sky Home, their grateful comments and happy eyes,” tells us Ksenia.

All her work is aimed at success, which is why she took a 6-month course in Interior Design in order to create comfortable spaces where people would like to return, and to do that in a more professional way.


The crisis of 2014, divorce and the beginning of her PMD Pre-MBA at MIM school in Kyiv made Ksenia finally move from Dnipro to Kyiv and begin a new business in which she hadn’t had much experience. Still, she decided to take this risk.

“In the past I had a successful career in the sphere of marketing and worked at large Ukrainian corporations. My pride is the all-Ukrainian brand “Miasna Lavka” [“Meat Store”] which I was taking out to Ukrainian market as the marketing director,” tells Ksenia. “Later, being a private entrepreneur I started working on my own business – a chain of clothes stores.”

This managerial and organizational business allowed her to build up her hew hotel business from scratch relying only on her own abilities, with no external financial aid and no subventions. At the moment Ksenia owns three small hotels in Kyiv which are always open to their guests.


Ksenia thinks that in order to achieve success you need to be determined, believe in the success, be brave, be able to take risks and listen to your intuition. Constant personal growth, being self-demanding and sociable are also constituents of success! However, the main success is to be able to feel happy under any circumstances. You can have all the wealth of the world but still be unhappy and this cannot be called success.


Ksenia has always compared herself only with her previous selves and marked her growth in the present time, relying on herself and her abilities.


Still, she calls her grandfather to be the most significant person and mentor in her life; he taught her all the necessary values from an early age. He encouraged his granddaughter to go to lots of classes at the same time: school, art school, musical school, choreography, chess and English classes. She also used to recite poems at home when people were visiting. Her determination, diligence, will-power and responsibility were inbred in her from the early years.


Ksenia’s life is a chain of difficult life-turning decisions among which we could point out the following:

  • - the birth of her daughter, who is almost 20 now and who is a real beauty and her mother’s pride;
  • - to leave her beloved Crimea soon after the child was born and move to Dnipro in order to develop professionally and build a career in marketing;
  • - to finish her successful marketing career and start up her own business which initially was 10 times less profitable that the previous;
  • - divorce after 14 years of marriage;
  • - a solo trip to Miami for 1.5 month in order to find a language school and be immersed into English speaking environment.


However, the most significant event happened when Ksenia was 13. It was the time when the people who were like parents to her – her grandmother and grandfather – passed away. Since that time she has been practically alone and had to become a strong woman. After graduation from the school, Ksenia decided to leave her hometown and start her adult life. She did not manage to enter the college from the first attempt so she had to work in order to support herself.

“There have been a lot of people in my life and many of them were my teachers, although the lessons were sometimes hard. All this made me stronger and more resistant to life hardships. At the moment I am grateful and happy,” tells us Ksenia.

She values human nobleness, responsibility, kindness and sense of humor.


In her free time the woman loves travelling. She has visited more than 40 countries and does not plan to stop at that number. Among her favourite spots are Key West and Grand Canyon in the USA, Bali, Sri Lanka, Goa and Spain. Sport plays an important role in her life: everyday she goes to the gym or does yoga and fitness training. She reads a lot and works on herself, goes to various training sessions, courses and workshops. Ksenia enjoys painting with oil, her favourite artist is Salvador Dali. Her mornings and evenings always include meditations as the contact with her inner self is extremely important. No less important is communication with friends, including English speaking. Ksenia is a driver with 18-year experience and she spends a lot of time driving. And, as every woman, spends lots of time taking care of herself. She says, “My body is my temple and I try to take good care of it.”


You can definitely say that Ksenia is a very strong person and she always fills her life with energy and new senses as well as the lives of people around her. She loves travelling, nature, regular sports, books, meditations, singing and dancing. By the way, she learns how to dance bachata and salsa and performs with a group. She has a healthy lifestyle and has no harmful habits. For 10 years already she hasn’t eaten red meat and cut down on sugar and dairy, strong tea and coffee. She prefers fruit and vegetables, herbs, huts and plant proteins. All of these help her look much younger than she really is. And, of course, there is a place for extreme sports! They let her switch off and seize the moment, right here and now. Parachuting in Germany – done, paragliding in Turkey – no problems, diving in Egypt and surfing in Bali – check! And she does not plan to stop at that!


The main part in making the decision regarding the contest was played by learning about it and its wonderful mission to show to the world the beauty of successful Ukrainian women. And within this mission, having the talent to motivate and inspire people, Ksenia wants to inspire other women to become better versions of themselves!

“At the moment I have a lot of energy resources and a great desire to be useful to the society and, if I happen to win, to represent our country abroad and prove to the whole world that Ukraine is a wonderful country with kind, hospitable and cheerful people.

Looking at the high standard of the Mrs. Ukraine International pageant, I see a possibility for my personal growth and new contacts, as well for a start of new social and business projects.”