Natalia Dukhovska

Natalia Dukhovska


Owner of JSC “Style Interior Deco” (decorative textile production)


Natalia studied at Hetman Petro Konashevich-Sagaydachny Kyiv Institute of Water Transport and obtained a diploma in the sphere of Organization Management.


She is a happy wife and mother and has been married for twenty years. Together with her husband Natalia has three wonderful and talented children – their daughters are seventeen and fourteen and the son is twelve. One of the daughters graduated music school (she plays the piano) and dancing school; the girl has a lot of awards. Their son is also learning to play the piano and plays chess.


From a young age Natalia dreamt about her own business, wanting to be independent and self-supporting. Dreams come true if you sincerely believe in them. She has always been keen on creating beautiful, stylish and elegant things and this became the decisive factor in her choice of career.


The woman started her business when she was 19 and today she runs her own production. Her company “Style Interior Deco” is a Ukrainian manufacturer of decorative textiles and namely of curtains, cushions, serviettes and other products. The company has been on the market for more than 20 years and has been giving comfort and coziness to Ukrainian families for all that time. Their production is well-known abroad as they provide many hotels, restaurants and homes with high-quality textiles. The majority of their successful project are in the UAE, Spain and Israel. The session hall of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine also features the curtains produced by “Style Interior Deco” and which you may have seen on the news.


Apart from that, the company supplies national hypermarket chains and their own internet shop.


The business came into Natalia’s life by a twist of fate. She simply found herself in the right place at the right time, and, more importantly, it was the thing she really wanted and dreamed of.


To her mind in order to achieve success you need to obtain a good education, be self-disciplined and persistent, have determination, intuition and self-confidence. You also need the ability to take responsibility, take risks, operate a budget and set your priorities right.


Natalia calls her parents her mentors and role models. “Thanks to them I learned to value real human qualities, have my own opinion and insist on it. Since childhood I have been told to be self-confident and always stay myself. This really helped me to achieve what I have today,” says Natalia.


There have been many complicated situations in her life when it was necessary to make decisions and take risks. However, when she got a chance to open her own company, Natalia believed in herself and did it despite everything. She managed to fulfill her big dream. And when it comes to achieving goals, the woman is sure that the main thing is to understand that all hard decisions come together with changes, and any changes will sooner or later turn into improvement.


She definitely thinks that the births of her children were the life-turning events of her life. Every child has his or her unique history, and all together they make up Natalia’s big family.

“My eldest daughter was born 17 years ago, but, sadly, her birth was not unshadowed. She suffered an injury at birth and I had to learn to live with a child with a disability. Our family was born along with the birth of my first daughter Victoria; three years later another long-awaited child joined us – Daria. My third pregnancy was a real gift of destiny which gave us our son Nikita. The births of my children were the most life-turning events in my life,” tells us Natalia.

She really values such human qualities as loyalty, decency, honesty and frankness, as well as positive mindset, despite any hardships that life might send to us. These things are the most important.


Our contestant loves spending her free time with her family – they light candles and enjoy live music played by the children. Whenever there is a chance, she loves doing sports, dancing and riding a motorbike.


Natalia is keen on travelling and thinks that this is the time when we feel alive. She likes sport because it allows her to unwind, whereas riding her Harley Davidson bike brings her enormous pleasure. It's such a joy to take a ride and enjoy picturesque views of Ukraine, and it helps her overcome stress and bad mood. Natalia also recharges when she helps someone, so she is into a lot of charity projects.

“This activity brought me a valuable award – the Order of Pochaiiv Most Holy Mother of God,” adds the woman.

She decided to take part in Mrs. Ukraine International 2021 contest in order to prove to Ukraine, and probably to the whole world, that female beauty is not only an attractive appearance, but also a special femininity, sincerity, ability to keep her head and, undoubtedly, a bright mind. And the support of her family was the crucial factor in favor of this decision.