Oksana Maruschak

Oksana Maruschak


Businesswoman, management of commercial real estate

Oksana has her own business and runs a company which specializes in the management of commercial real estate. It is not about agency deals on sales and purchase; her company deals with the maintenance of real estate business and solves all the issues which may occur during this process. In other words, they provide the owner a possibility to get rid of any troubles regarding the rent of their premises.


Our contestant has two higher education degrees, one in Engineering and Technology and the second – in Law. The former made her understand how to create a building, from an ordinary one to a production space. The latter allows her to be accurate regarding the documents. Combined, they help Oksana meticulously understand the business she is working in – real estate.


Oksana has two amazing daughters. Older Viktoria is 22, younger Veronika is still at school (she is 8). Her husband helps bring the children up, and, by the way, Oksana met him at work.

“It is probably the story which we are going to tell our grandchildren,” Oksana comments. She loves making her home a cozy place and taking care of everyone. One of her passions is to cook for the family and friends and she always tries to surprise them with tasty home-made treats.

As we have mentioned before, Oksana specializes in real estate management and many may think that there is nothing complicated in this business: you buy, you sell, you rent, etc. But there is much more to that. Oksana’s task is to develop the renting business properly, help the owner of a commercial space get rid of unnecessary problems which may occur when adhering to rules and regulations.


Her company deals with the analysis of the commercial estate market, proceeds with re-planning if it increases the profits and constantly follows numerous changes in the tax legislation. They also deal with all the financial and management activities, verify the information on each client and are engaged with all the problems regarding the maintenance of the buildings, communications, parking, human resources etc.


The way to this successful business was very bumpy. Oksana worked as a lawyer, as an assistant to an ambassador and eventually the fate brought her to one of the banks where she started to work on the analysis on pledged property. At that time she got an idea of creating a service which had never been offered to estate owners before – full and complete management of real estate objects.

“I started negotiations with some estate owners who I had met when working at the bank. They became my first clients and let me manage some of their commercial properties,” tells Oksana. It was a new experience and new work with architects, construction workers and, of course, officials who were responsible for certain aspects regarding the real estate and land in Kyiv. And it was the beginning of her way to success.

She has always been a very determined person who takes a completely professional approach to all the issues. After some time the woman realized that she needs to find balance of work and leisure, thus, she tries to travel a lot with her family, finds common interests with her husband and both of her daughters.


She is sure that business success largely depends on the people you are working with and not only your business partners, but also your own team of employees. Everyone should be aimed at achieving good results and not just spending time at work.


Her parents are her role models, but when it comes to a mentor-person in her life, things are a bit more complicated. Oksana says that she herself is her best mentor as she always does everything until the end, which is one of the most important traits of her character. Of course, her husband and daughters are considered her most significant people. “We always have each other, we are close, we are together.”


Everyday Oksana is responsible for solving a lot of problems and she is the one who has to accept that responsibility. The main thing here is to look at the situation in detail and treat the issue critically. And it is really essential that there are people around who she asks for advice, discuss and simply talk. At work it is her professional team which has been formed over many years and which she has gone through a lot with. At home her husband and daughters are her main supporters.

“We discuss all the important decisions with my family. Of course, we do not always 100 percent agree with each other, but we make these decisions together. It is very important,” says Oksana.

She values human honesty and straightforwardness, as well as affection and compassion. She is sure that you need to help everyone you can and sometimes in order to help a person you only need to be a good listener.


Sport plays a big role in Oksana’s life as well. She can be taking online yoga classes or working out with an instructor. She also attends a make-up course of one of the most talented artists in Ukraine.


Oksana likes making her own clothes, however, with some professional help from one of her friends. She admits that she knows which shops and showrooms in Kyiv sell the best and the latest accessories in order to create a new stunning outfit, such as fabrics, lace, fur, leather etc. It is where her creative side dominates which is not always appropriate in her business.


Another passion is gardening. Oksana loves working with seedlings of flowers and bushes. She loves that our climate is seasonal which means that we need to decide on plants for summer, spring and autumn (plus take care of them in winter). She has lots of plants at home which she looks after by herself. Flowers grown in her garden later become wonderful bouquets that decorate the house. Despite the fact that floristics is a fascinating hobby it is not that easy and there are many details to it. And still, Oksana thinks that real flowers in her house really contribute to its cozy atmosphere.


The young woman also tries to compensate for the energy spent at work with some leisure. However, leisure is not lying on the sofa; it consists of family trips and friendly conversations. She also goes dancing and swimming a lot; together with the younger daughter she attends singing and modelling classes.

“What is important to me is that they stay open in our relationship, share their concerns in order for me to help and support them in a moment of need.”

They also have a lot in common with her husband – fishing on a speed boat, diving, skiing. In order to stay fit Oksana goes for long walks, does sports and visits spa-centers and cosmeticians. She loves reading and driving as it gives her a chance to be alone with herself, relax, think over her day and listen to music.


The desire to be a role model for the daughters and other women was crucial in making the decision regarding the participation in Mrs. Ukraine International contest. She wanted to show that women are very diverse, that they have many facets, interests and needs.

“Yes, I am a mother, I have my own business and I try to be creative (house, garden, make-up, clothes design, etc.) And now I want to cheer up those women who doubt themselves. Any woman should be not only a mother or a wife, she should be a queen. And she should be one not only for her close people but on a stage as well. It is her essential right,” emphasizes Oksana.