Olena Fedorova

Olena Fedorova


Translator, language teacher, businesswoman

Olena is a translator, teacher of English and Chinese, Chinologist, linguist, founder and editor-in-chief of the Platform for Conscious People “Аmrita-оm”, founder of the School of Yoga and Oriental Dancing “Mohini Devi Dance”, the co-writer of the “Life Journal” diary and the founder of “Easy Chat Club” language school.


She has three higher education diplomas – Master’s Degree of Dnipropetrovsk National University in Chinese philology, Oriental Studies and Linguistics, Master’s Degree of Dalian National University (China) in Chinese Philology and a diploma of Lanzhou National University (China).


Olena has a big family and a lot of brothers and sisters. Her youngest sister is only seven. She herself has a son.

“He is a talented mommy’s assistant. And together we are proud owners of Huxley, a French bulldog,” tells our contestant.

At home she is a loving mother while at work she is the one who inspires! Her vocations and her creative route are connected by one global idea. Olena is the founder and the editor-in-chief of the Platform for Conscious People “Аmrita-оm” (www.Amrita-om.com). This space was created in order to inspire as many people as possible to live a happy and healthy life. Each of the editors of the platform is an expert in one of the main aspects of life. The team of Amrita adapts lots of useful information in order to make it easy to use in everyday life.


Olena is also the founder of the School of Yoga and Oriental Dancing “Mohini Devi Dance” (www.Mohinidevidance.com). The school provides classes in Kundalini Yoga, various oriental styles of dancing and Belly dance Cardio sessions. The mission of the school is to help each woman explore her femininity and strength, learn to interact with her body and hear it in a safe and friendly environment. They also help to find and open up female Beauty and Magic given to each woman by the right of birth in a female body.


This year Olena and her partner @oxana.gryn have created and published a unique product – “A Diary that is Going to Change Your Life”. It is a diary-book for home use which holds the wisdom of the great knowledge of Chinese secrets, Dao practices and techniques of Western European classic psychology. The diary has three main parts which are aimed at gradual exploration and work on the main spheres of life: Be Organized, Love Your Body and Be in Harmony with the Universe.

All my projects have been created with great love to people! My mission is to inspire them to be heroes even in the smallest things. The Great Way starts from the first step and I would really love to help people walk through it and move towards a happy and conscious life. I have chosen these areas because I feel that within these frames I can be the most useful to the society and I can apply my talents and skills. My heart is full with these projects,” proudly tells Olena.

What helped Olena realize that doing these things is her calling was the people around. The people she did not know really well asked her to give a class or a lecture and after, they came back with ardent eyes and told her how the information she had given helped them to change their lives. Their eyes and their feedback were the real markers of the right professional way and success.


To Olena’s mind, success starts from self-exploration, from understanding your strengths and weaknesses. Apart from that you need to be aware of each and every detail of your area of expertise. In addition, the most significant part of being successful is to love what you do and believe in yourself and your abilities and this is where the support form the people around you, people who believe in you is crucial. Success is, of course, achievable without such people but the way to it will be longer and harder.


Olena is one of those women who walk their road of mistakes and failures without a mentor or a role model, merely by feeling her way, exploring and analyzing themselves. This is quite a hard job! However, from the other side, every psychologist, teacher, yogi and Master, who she was lucky to meet and work with, were her mentors and landmarks at certain moments of life – not globally, but on their micro-scale.


She thinks that the hardest decision of her life was when she had to take the responsibility for herself and her actions. Some may call such a decision strange, however, for Olena it became life turning, the one that changed her style of life, her character and her habits. “I stopped holding others responsible for my failures, refused to be a victim in the relationship with others. The circle of my friends and acquaintances also changed a lot. And so many wonderful things happened in my life that I could have never dreamt of being in the childish position “I can’t do it”,” says Olena.

At 17 she decided not to carry on the family tradition of being a lawyer and enter the linguistics department against her parents’ will. It completely changed her destiny; at that time she met real friends, which is really rare nowadays. Olena obtained solid education and fulfilled herself as a wonderful translator and teacher! This event greatly influenced her further life.


The qualities which she values in people are good heart, openness and integrity. In her free time the young woman loves reading (especially outside), loves going to the cinema and skating with her son, and arranges get-togethers with friends. She also calls knitting her meditation.


Olena is an absolutely modern woman and she, of course, loves travelling, SPA evenings with her girlfriends and “walking out” her new outfits. She gets fulfilled by making her home cozy when there are new flowers on the windows or there is a chance to drape her curtains in a new intricate way. Another important aspect in her life is communication with interesting people.

She sees the participation in Mrs. Ukraine International 2021 contest as a new challenge. “I really wanted to be a part of this amazing show, get some of its energy and meet the girls as each of them is unique simply because they are here to take part. I agreed without a minute of hesitation!”