Olena Schennikova

Olena Schennikova


Business project manager, certified instructor of group psychotherapy, designer.

Olena is the head of an IT company, a certified instructor of group psychotherapy, business coach, analyst and logistics specialist and a successful designer. At one time her tender hands ran a construction company, while now she is dreaming of implementing interesting social projects. Olena is sure – women can do everything! Her story of life proves this like nothing else.


She has been in managing positions for more than 20 years, mostly in the sphere of construction, including her own trading depots and partnership with chains of construction shops. If we were to choose three words to describe Olena’s activity, those would be: Organization, Control and Management.


Her first education was pedagogical; Olena graduated Maksym Tank Belarus Pedagogical University. Having obtained her diploma, she worked in a kindergarten for a while. Later, the fascination with psychology brought Olena to interesting training sessions. She met good teachers who gave her a lot. Soon came the desire to try herself in this role. She considers meeting her mentor Bill Ridler to be a great gift from life; it was his programme “Relationship Leading to Success” where she received her coaching certificate.


Olena is a happy mother to two children: 27-year-old Denys, who is already successful in IT, and 15-year-old Uliana (she is studying at school).


Going back to Olena’s professional activity it is worth pointing out another sphere where she feels absolutely comfortable – design. First she designed interiors as a hobby, later it grew up to be a design studio. During the quarantine Olena dedicated her time to the arrangement, construction and decoration of her “mini-hotel” near Kyiv. The place is the headquarters for a women’s training club “Good Mood” which specializes in off-site recharging training. Apart from that, regardless of her workload, Olena, as a database logistics specialist and analyst, takes part in projects on construction of logistic warehouses.

“Knowledge of psychology helps me feel people, hear what they say and see their needs. Some clients have me written down as “Construction Psychologist” in their contacts,” laughs Olena.

By looking at Olena’s professional biography, you can definitely say that she is a “one man band”, and interior design is probably not the last sphere she will try herself in.

“Creation of a mini-hotel and a women’s club occurred exactly during the quarantine. There was demand from people around me. The idea turned into a project. Life will show what happens next.”

Anything she does, she does well and each of her projects is perfectly executed. If it is necessary, Olena will catch up on her knowledge and improve her qualification. But first, she clearly estimates her possibilities. Of course, success is impossible without special qualities! Olena’s recipe is not easy – you need positive thinking and optimism, self-discipline and self-control, constant desire to grow, social skills, flexibility, desire to achieve your goals, courage to be responsible, ability to analyze the situation, diligence, self-development and self-education. And the most important component of all is love. You need to truly love what you do and it will turn your work into a hobby.


In different periods of life different people become landmarks who help you get to know yourself and open new horizons. The most significant person in Olena's life was her father who taught her to never give up and not to panic in critical situations, to set goals and to achieve them, as well as to plan and be responsible. She inherited many of his character traits which help her move on.


Olena speaks with great love and respect about her teacher, the director of the pedagogical school Marat Mukhamedzhanov. He is the person who influenced Olena a lot during her teenage years and helped her feel confident and believe in herself. Another great gift from destiny is her mentor Bill Riddler who is the author of “Relationship Leading to Success” programme where the woman obtained her coach certificate. Her role model is the PR specialist Iaroslava Hres along with Artur Mhitarian, whose skills, courage and strength she admires. Ievgen Gherniak is the person Olena always listens to, whereas Dr. Tetiana Chernihivska helps her get her thoughts together. And this is just a short list of important people in Olena’s life.


Nevertheless, there are sometimes situations when a person needs to make rather radical decisions. For Olena it was her choice to close down a joined project and split with her partner which led to huge debts. It was the moment when she had to start all over again.


There was also the event which completely reversed her life orientations. It was three years ago when she lost her father. The tragedy made her re-evaluate her attitudes to life and caused a deep internal transformation. It was the moment when Olena was forced to press the “reset” button.

“Three years later I can definitely say that I took the best decisions at that time. There was no such thing as fear of drastic life changes then,” says Olena.

She values human honesty, kindness and frankness, as well as the sense of humor. The woman tries to spend her free time at her house where she looks after the garden whenever there is a spare minute. She also likes going to creative workshops, paint and make dolls.

“I enter the state of calmness and relaxation and the world stops for a while. The quiet forest near the house only adds to this feeling.”

Olena loves travelling as this activity gives her enormous amounts of energy which makes her able to do impossible things. Events, sunrises, architecture, nature and people – all these are her source of power. She also enjoys listening to audiobooks and spending quiet evenings at the fireplace.


Olena believes in signs sent to us by the Universe. There are so many gorgeous women around who are afraid and self-conscious being, at the same time, extremely wise, strong and feminine, that her participation in the contest is seen as a chance to inspire those ladies.

“The final decision was made after a conversation with Iana Lutska – the national director of the international contest for successful women Mrs. Ukraine International. We share the same values and vision of a modern woman, who harmoniously combines high moral values, bright mind, beauty and the power to achieve her goals,” finalizes Olena.