Olena Schykovska

Olena Schykovska


Pharmaceutical specialist


Olena was born in the Crimea, but after high school graduation she moved to study in Kharkiv; 2.5 years later she moved to her favorite city – Kyiv.
She is a graduate of a pharmaceutical college and several of the best Ukrainian universities: Volodymyr Dahl Eastern Ukrainian National University, O. O. Bohomolets National Medical University and P. L. Shupyk National Medical Academy of Post-graduate Studies in the field of industrial and general pharmaceutics.


During her studies at the university Olena dreamt of working on development of cutting-edge medical treatments which would support and prolong the lives of people. After graduation she started working at Borschahivskyi pharmaceutical factory as a production manager. At the moment she is the senior research officer at IQVIA international organization where she works on the monitoring of clinical activity in Ukrainian hospitals. Her job combines two aspects – scientific and medical, which is an integral part of medicine development. Olena is very demanding to herself which is why the quality of her work is always in the first place. This way she managed to achieve her childhood dream – bring people health, i.e. confidence in the future.

“When I was six or seven, I liked packages and bottles from vitamins and medicine and I also loved going to the pharmacy to get the Vitamin C which was produced there. I really wanted to understand the process of medicine production and why the vitamin was so tasty. Later my mom taught me to love chemistry and think it was the impulse I needed to go into pharmaceutics,” tells us Olena.

Her current position means that Olena has a very tight schedule, a wide circle of acquaintances and constant business trips. Still, she manages to find time to realize her creative ambitions. She took a course in modelling and photo modelling at "La Femme Models" school and immediately was chosen for a magazine cover. She also took a course of a TV host and TV journalist at Showmax production center.


Olena has a seven-year-old son Borys, whom she loves to the moon and back and tries to make him an all-rounded person. For her the family is the comfort and foundation where all other spheres of life are built. The “family-work” balance is extremely important for our contestant. Her free time is devoted to her son, family, as well as to her personal and professional improvement. She is interested in psychology, nutrition, and spends time learning foreign languages. Regular sport sessions and training of her son are also an essential part of her life. Recently Olena has discovered a new exercising system, “Animal Flow”. Together with her son, the woman enjoys exploring the world in all its diversity; they visit theatre performances, museums, exhibitions; make new friends and enjoy communicating with interesting people. Despite being so busy, Olena does volunteer work at St. Alexander’s parish of the Roman Catholic Church.

Olena thinks that in order to achieve success you need to listen to yourself, set long-term goals, work hard, be able to take risks and think positively. “If your dreams are bold, then they come true!”

She considers all the people she has met in her life to be interesting and important, each in their own way. The woman values inner beauty, energy, charisma, determination, as well as honesty, lightness and optimism. Her parents played a huge role in her formation as a personality and she is extremely grateful to them for their unconditional love, humanity, decency and an answer for any question she has.


Olena sees the participation in the contest as a personal challenge and, at the same time, as one more of dreams coming true.

“Despite being extremely busy at work and bringing up my son by myself, I can be a different person: charming, bright, feminine and harmonious,” claims Olena, and she is ready to prove that.