Snizhana Puklych

Snizhana Puklych


Owner of wedding brand “Ivory”, designer


Snizhana is the founder and owner of the wedding brand “Ivory”, a designer of wedding and formal gowns, the owner and the head of the enterprise which produces wedding and formal clothes and accessories.


She graduated from Chernivtsi National University and has a diploma in education.


For some time our contestant worked as a teacher at school; however she always dreamt of her own business and independence, strived for financial confidence and freedom and wanted to create beautiful things. Along with her studies at the university and work at school Snizhana started working on her own idea – wedding decoration and modelling. Soon, she realized that this is the area worth working in.


At a certain stage of her business development Snizhana realized that she needs to learn more in order to improve her skills, get more knowledge, etc. This brought her attention to nonformal education. At the moment she spends a lot of time working on self-development and prefers various classes and workshops. These can be public speaking lessons, nutrition workshops and training sessions on business development and improvement.


She has been married to her best friend, partner, kindred spirit and beloved husband Pavlo for more than 14 years. Together they have two wonderful and talented sons – eleven-year-old Denys and thirteen-year-old Serafim.


They run the business together as well. Their wedding brand “Ivory” specializes in making modern, fashionable and formal garments for women – wedding dresses, formal gowns, accessories and lingerie.

“For more than 15 years we have been creating wedding outfits for the most demanding brides and charming ladies. We make them look beautiful, happy and confident in the most important moments of their lives,” tells us Snizhana.

The company also deals with the delivery of their stylish product to wedding salons both in Ukraine and abroad, as well as sells them directly to the brides-to be. They always try to offer something new, unique, personally chosen and interesting.

“I have always liked talking to people and being around them, seeing the practical effect of my work. Plus, I quickly realized that wedding business is something I do easily, it excites me and adds me strength and inspiration, especially when I see the happy eyes of my clients which make me confident that I have made the right choice in life. Gradually this business grew to be my lifetime project.”

She thinks that the main factors of success are trust in yourself and your business and desire to pursue your dreams. Snizhana does not believe that you can achieve anything without diligence, responsibility for yourself and your team, communication skills and even intuition.


Her main business role model is definitely a business lady and a loving mother Olga Azarova, the founder and scientific supervisor of the International Educational Network MINIBOSS BUSINESS SCHOOL. She is a certified business coach with more than 23 years of experience in the field. She is a real battery that charges everyone around with its energy; a person who motivates others every time they meet and inspires to achieve more and more.


Fortunately, there were no critical situations in Snizhana’s life which would require making hard decisions. However, all the moments when it was really hard to choose definitely have to do with her work. For example, at the beginning of 2020, when the pandemic started, she and her husband had to make a number of painful decisions regarding their team, jobs and responsibility for the people they work with.

She says that the most life turning events in her life were when she met her husband, started their family and gave birth to their children. For Snizhana family is the source of eternal love and inspiration. “It’s my strength, my foundation, my support and my faith.”

Every person, to her mind, has the right to be their true self and not meet the expectations of others. She values the most comfortable interaction with honest, decent and dedicated people, people who are able to be themselves and demonstrate their kindness and inner power. She is also fond of open, positive and sincere people.


Her business takes a lot of time and demands constant involvement. Very often ideas for new dresses come to her mind when Snizhana is off work, which is why free time is of great value and luxury and it is always dedicated to her most precious people – her husband, kids, family. They use this time to get to know each other better, relax and meet up with friends.


Our contestant says that she is extremely keen on travelling, new acquaintances and new knowledge. All these are necessary for inspiration and broadening the horizons; they give her strength to strive for development, improve and develop her business. Thus, after each trip, either big or small, she feels fulfilled and ready for new achievements.


Mrs. Ukraine International contest is, first of all, a new life experience, step out of her comfort zone, new knowledge and emotions, as well as an attempt to challenge herself in an uncommon situation. It is also a chance to share her own experience with others, a motive and an opportunity to speak up about herself and discover new facets of her personality. It is an impact Snizhana needed to set new goals for herself.