Tetiana Anufrieva

Tetiana Anufrieva


Professor, ambassador of “Best Version” community


Tetiana is a professor at the Department of International Road Transportation and Customs Control of the National Transport university; an ambassador of the “Best Version” community; PR and Social Projects manager at the Best Version community.


She has higher education and graduated postgrad school as well; in 2021 Tetiana is planning to defend her PhD thesis. She has been married for 17 years – she and her husband have known each other since university years, for almost 21 year. The couple has a sixteen-year-old daughter Diana.


Having worked at international companies and dealing with logistics, Tetiana, by chance, came back to her alma mater, where she’s been working for more than 10 years. She has amazing experience in the organization of international road transportation and now passes her knowledge to the students. She does not simply teach, she shares her priceless experience. Her classes look more like workshops where there is no place for boring lecturing and tiring noting down; she uses presentations, quizzes and personal development games.


Very often women find themselves making a choice – family or career and it is very difficult to find the balance between being loved and successful. Tetiana managed to find that balance, for her family is the foundation, the basis, whereas work is something that inspires her. Apart from her teaching job, Tetiana is an ambassador of the “Best Way” community where she works on social projects and PR. This activity also inspires her; she has lots of meetings, workshops, is an active networker and is planning a number of international business trips.

“I cannot call the things I do my work,” says Tetiana. “It is my hobby, my passions which fills my life with bright colors. At university these are the burning eyes of my students. “Best Version” is the road of my soul which provides me with a platform for development and implementation of various projects where I become a better version of myself.”

According to Tetiana success means that you have the acknowledgement, popularity and status; life giving physical and psychological energy; time for yourself and your happiness. Every person has their own definition of happiness and success. You may be an example of a successful person for someone, but in your own eyes you are only at the beginning of the way there.


She says that the most significant people and role models in her life are her parents.

“They have not only given me the most important thing – my life – they have also taught me the values of family and my personality. They are my support and unconditional love under any circumstances,” proudly tells us Tetiana.

Very often successful people find themselves facing the necessity to make a hard and complicated choice. A hard choice makes you step out of your comfort zone and there have been a lot of them in Tetiana's life; however, they have only made her stronger. It is her personal experience and it is priceless. In such situations Tetiana suggests the following: do not depend on public opinion, do not do as everyone does, don’t be afraid to be “uncomfortable” for someone and learn how to say “no”.


There also have been a number of life-changing events in the woman’s life: destiny often gives us hints and signs, but often we do not notice them in the whirlpool of life. The main event in Tetiana’s life is, most probably, the decision to work as a professor after many successful years in logistics. The society often “sticks labels” on people working at universities, they are wrongly thought to be “grey mice”, strict and dull. However, Tetiana breaks those stereotypes – she loves her classes, respects the students, is proud of her work, takes internships at foreign universities and receives enormous feedback from everything she does.


She values freedom of communication, freedom of thought, freedom of values, freedom of choice and mind.


Her spare time is dedicated to sports, dancing and painting. Tetiana is a creative person; sometimes she spends time writing poems. She loves speed and drive, so is always happy to take part in night racing.


The woman seeks for inspiration in various things: in the calmness and thoughts when she is alone with herself, in long walks along the streets of her city going to places where you can see things you haven’t seen for a long time. Family travels are also a great way to find inspiration and learn new countries.

“The decision to take part in the contest was rather spontaneous; I made it on my birthday, made a wish and sent an application form. You have to dream, because dreams tend to come true! With my own example I want to prove that Ukrainian women are amazing. I am happy to have a chance to participate in such a contest and I really want to win,” shares Tetiana.