Tetiana Kuzmenko

Tetiana Kuzmenko


Owner and director at “Tansel” company.


The owner and the director of “Tansel” company since 2005. The company deals with the distribution of lubricating substances, process liquids and chemicals for various industries (from food to metals) as well as for cars. The company also works with the equipment for cleaning of oils and sewage disposals after technological processes at different industrial enterprises. They are exclusive distributors of several European manufacturers. Official website - www.tansel.com.ua


Tetiana has higher education; in 1991 she graduated Taras Shevchenko Kyiv National University, faculty of Geology and got her diploma of an engineer and geologist. In 1994 she graduated the postgrad school of V.I. Vernadskyi Kyiv Institute of Geochemistry, Mineralogy and Ore Formation. In 2020 she also took a course at modelling school of Galina Burnyshova “New Mature Models'' for women over 40. Plus, our contestant is also a graduate of Mykhailo Kostrov’s school of acting.


Tetiana was married for 25 years, at the moment she is divorced and has a son, Nikita, who is 25. As she is an engineer by occupation which is why chemistry and physics have a special place in her life. During her postgrad years Tetiana found a part-time job in a company where she started to work with the distribution of lubricants.

“It was interesting and I like searching for new ways for product distribution, and, of course, I felt great satisfaction when everything went the right way,” tells Tetiana.

After the birth of her son, she started working for another company, this time as a salesperson. It was the time when she realized that it is an interesting sphere and by using the right product it is possible to prolong the lifespan of equipment and improve the quality of the final product. The best reward for the woman is to hear “Thank you!” from her happy clients.

Important part in Tetiana’s job is played by uncommon offers and profitable solutions for the clients. In order to achieve these, you need technical knowledge and “engineer” mind, plus, language skills are a good help. However, the main factor is the people who you work with.

“I have always dreamt about a team of like-minded people, where everyone understands that he/she is a part of a whole, that the team success depends on them, whereas their personal success depends on the team. At the moment my dream has come true,” says Tetiana with excitement.

Her company is constantly developing and expanding. In order to provide smooth operation with all the necessary materials they work with several contractors: Brugarolas S.A. (Spain), 77lubricants (the Netherlands), IKV Tribologie (France) and others. If the client needs something, the solution will always be found. JSC “Tansel'' also works with deliveries of assisting equipment for cleaning of oils and process liquids by the German company FRIESS.


The environmental issues have become especially significant recently, and Tetiana along with her team are working on a project which will introduce systems of vacuum cleaning of sewage waters on Ukrainian enterprises. Thanks to this technology it will be possible to reuse water in a technological process which will allow savings on sewage water disposal, on the cost of water and will also help to protect our resources from industrial pollution.


Tetiana thinks that to be successful you, probably, need to have courage. Fear is often the reason for inaction – fear to fail, to be incapable of something, to be judged and to lose. And there is only one way to overcome that fear – start doing what you are afraid of. You also need to be able to dream about things that seem to be impossible.


And, of course, you need to act, to learn, to try, to fail, to get experience and to celebrate your victories, even the smallest ones. It is necessary to understand that you cannot know everything, there is always someone who knows better, who can do better than you. You need to value and respect such people, listen to their opinions – such a position is characteristic only for strong women.


Success wouldn’t be so permanent in Tatiana’s life if it weren’t for the support of a close person. She calls her son the most important person in her life. He is her teacher, her support, her closest friend.


She makes decisions quite easily, however, sometimes they turn out to be not the best ones. One of hardest decisions was to stop being a hyper-responsible mother! It happened when Tetiana’s son went on a hitchhiking trip. He was the one who helped her make this step by reminding of her geological youth.

“One day my parents accepted my independence and even supported my choice of career. Now I realize that my worries do nothing good for my son,” comments Tetiana.

By the way, a couple of years ago her son offered Tetiana to jump with a parachute. Until today the woman cannot find the right words to describe the state she was in; there, in the skies, she understood that you need to live here and now. And she learned to enjoy every moment.


The qualities that she values in people are lightness, humor and calmness, ability to control your emotions and see good things in everything, even in not very pleasant situations.


In her free time Tetiana likes reading, listening to audiobooks and spending time with kids and friends. At the moment she is helping her son with his idea of a vegan pizza place.

“I am sure that this place is going to be successful, as there are now many people who do not eat meat and dairy. There are lactose intolerant people. So, they will also have a chance to enjoy real Italian pizza here, in Ukraine.

Tetiana is an incredibly creative person which is why lately she has been into modelling and graduated the Galina Burenina’s school of models “New Mature Model” and took an acting course to be able to work in front of a camera. She also plans to take a course of acting in theatre.


She recharges while travelling; India holds a special place in her heart. “It was my childhood dream and the first country I visited 20 years ago. Dreams do come true,” emphasizes Tetiana. 

She loves travelling by car because this way she can see not only tourist spots but also get to know the country from inside. As soon as quarantine restrictions are lifted, she intends to drive along the coast from Barcelona to Menton, visiting small towns and enjoying their atmosphere.

 When asked about the contest, Tetiana says that she again decided to do something she was afraid of. She also thought – why not spend her birthday in a very unusual way, surrounded by beautiful and successful people?

“It would be a shame to refuse as long as the proposition had already been made.”