Yulia Kovalchuk

Yulia Kovalchuk


Dentist, orthodontist


Yulia has higher education; she graduated Medical University, internship of P. L. Shupyk National Medical Academy of Post-graduate Studies and was awarded a diploma in the field of Dentistry, specializing as an orthodontist.


At the moment she is working on her PhD thesis at O.O. Bohomolets National University and is looking forward to obtaining the degree.


Yulia was born and grew up in Kyiv. She has a six-year-old son whom she loves a lot and tries to give him everything and make him happy.


Her choice of career was very conscious. She was dreaming of becoming a doctor all her childhood and was moving towards her goal step by step, year after year. For 9 years already she has been working as an orthodontist with both adults and children.

“I am a happy person because I do what I really enjoy,” says Yulia. This job requires you to have profound knowledge and skills in order to be the best. Orthodontic therapy as a life-style is not only your job, it is your passion, and it is well-known that if a person is passionate about something, they are 100% devoted to it.

Apart from her university and internship, which we have already mentioned, Yulia obtained foreign education as well. At the moment she is a lecturer both in Ukraine and abroad. She is a postgrad student of the Department of Orthopedic Dentistry of O.O. Bohomolets National Medical University and is working on her thesis.


When it comes to her clinical practice, it is worth pointing out that Yulia works with all kinds of removable and non-removable appliances and various vestibular and lingual dental braces of well-known brands, as well as with all kinds of transparent aligners.

Every person understands success in their own way, however, regardless of the definition, to achieve it you need lots of effort and strength. When commenting on her vision of successful work and adhering to high professional standards, Yulia says, “The job of an orthodontist demands an individual approach to each of my patients. I truly believe that I can only achieve good quality and the best result possible only via the collective complex approach of a highly-qualified team. Modern technology and personal experience allow Yulia to fulfill the dream of all her patients to have a charming smile, beautiful teeth and anatomic occlusion.

Of course, a woman of any profession, and especially a woman who directly influences the quality of human life needs support! For Yulia it is her father who has always been her role model, her mentor and her main support during difficult times.

“I don’t take changes easily. I am a very stable person and I love everything to be stable as well,” – this phrase is definitely going to be featured in Yuliya's biography, as she never takes spontaneous decisions and before making a hard one always analyzes and weighs all pros and cons.

She is also very selective about the personal qualities of people who she communicates, works and walks the life with. Yulia values kindness, honesty and openness, as these are the basic qualities which should be found in every person. A special place in her life is taken by people with a distinct sense of humor as she considers it to be the sign of a sharp mind.


Yulia spends her free time working on her personal and professional growth. She travels a lot, because she loves discovering new places, seeing different ways of life, meeting different people and trying different food. She is keen on psychology and paints with oil; the paintings are then gifted to her close people. Depending on her mood, Yulia is inspired by different music and spends time learning foreign languages. Sport occupies an important spot in her life, and she takes a class with the coach whenever there is a chance to do so. When the winter comes, she enjoys skiing. Still, the best time for her is the time spent with her son.

“I am recharged by communicating with positive people and by my son,” says Yulia. “And by my close people’s faith in me.”

Yulia thinks that participation in Mrs. Ukraine International 2021 contest is a life-changing luck and she is extremely excited to be in it. The contest is her dream and it has already started to come true.