Alona Ilchyshyna

Alona Ilchyshyna

Owner of “Imperia Mandriv” travel agency

Aliona graduated from National Technical University “KPI” and got a diploma of a manager of international economic activity.

The young woman is the mother to a six-year-old son Mykhailo who is going to start school this year. The boy is Aliona's greatest joy, motivator and inspiration.


She is the owner of a tourist agency which was founded more than 18 years ago. At the moment this occupation is more than just a job, it's her solace and vocation.


It was Aliona's mom who first discovered the opportunities of travel business. When her first office started running, Aliona was watching the exciting events happening there and understood that she wants to work in this sphere as this is the place where she would go with a smile and a desire to do more and more. Traveling is a sort of addiction; you want to see more and more; you want to know more and to feel more.


Aliona's company, “Imperia Mandriv” (“Travel Empire”), works under the franchising of large tour operators TUI and Coral Travel. The professional team here help their clients to choose their dream vacations and provide the highest-quality service.


The company's priorities are spotless service, quality and reliability, which is why all the partners are chosen among experienced professionals and all the destinations and hotels are carefully chosen and tested by the team. The employees are also selected on a very competitive basis and each one of them is an experienced and qualified specialist. The whole team is constantly improving their qualifications by attending training sessions, workshops, seminars and promo tours. They do know all the trends of the modern travel market.


All the clients of Aliona's company enjoy 24/7 support during their holidays as the main goal of the business is to gain their trust and make them happy!


“When we travel, we grow and enrich ourselves. I have noticed that the more I tell about my vacations or new countries, the more excited people become and they immediately want to see what I was talking about with their own eyes,” shares Aliona.


In order to achieve success you need to have some qualities which are usually lost among others considered more significant. These are desire, knowledge (and the ability to apply that knowledge), inspiration, creativity, communicative skills, humanity, diligence, strength and faith.


The most significant people for Aliona, her mentors and role models are her mom and husband. These are the people who always support and inspire her; the people who went “per aspera ad astra” and managed to shape their personalities and create successful families and businesses.


Our heroine is always ready to face new obstacles and challenges and we can surely say that she has a strong character and even stronger will.


The day when she became a mother became a real milestone in Aliona's life. It was the day when she realized that since that moment she is responsible for this little person and that she had to become his support and role model. When asked about upbringing principles, Aliona says that there are no 100% working methods, however she is sure that parents can teach their kids a lot by setting a strong example.


The quality that the woman values the most is honesty; every lie, either passive or active, is poisonous for any relationship. She also values easy-going communication and hates hollow promises. Words for her are nothing else than the echo of your true thoughts and they are capable of hurting people.


Aliona spends her free time with her family and friends. Her close people are open, kind, smart and creative people and every moment spent with them is a true joy. As for every mother, her son is her universe and she admires him greatly. He is the kindest, the most honest and joyful boy on earth. On every opportunity Aliona tries to find some time to spend reading, and her tastes for books are very versatile – foreign and Ukrainian fiction are accompanied by books on psychology and philosophy. If there is a chance, she gladly spends an evening out, visiting theaters, concerts and cinemas. All these are spiced up with sport activities as they are a great way to get rid of all the negativity.


Her family is her greatest motivator; her husband, who is extremely active and loves active leisure, loves surprising Aliona with their son and arranges all sorts of entertainment which is always fun and innovative. Their joy, support and childish innocence add a whole array of new colors to the family life. Traveling is Aliona's freedom, pleasure and inspiration. She loves discovering new places, changing locations, learning new things, broadening her horizons and sharing her impressions with others. So far she has visited around 20 countries but there are many more on her list of future destinations.


“Since my childhood every appearance on a stage has been a huge stress for me. Mrs. Ukraine International contest is definitely a step out of my comfort zone and I was to accept this challenge. I am sure that the pageant is going to bring me new emotions, power and ideas which I will use for new achievements,” sums up Aliona.