Anastaiya Dubovyk

Anastaiya Dubovyk

The founder and CEO of real estate agency “Comfort City”

Anastasia is now at the active stage of developing her business. Ten years ago she founded “Comfort City” - a real estate agency and a real property investment company. At the moment she is the founder, owner and the CEO of her companies. During her work she has drawn up more than 2000 contracts in the real estate sphere worth more that 100 million dollars in total.


The young woman graduated from Kyiv National Linguistic University and got her diploma in the sphere of Management and Business Administration. Later she obtained a PhD in State Management, having defended her dissertation on State Regulation of Real Estate Market in Ukraine at State University “Zhytomyr Polytechnic”


The marriage with her husband was long – it took more than half of her life, however, it happened so that they are no longer together. Still, the separation did not turn them into enemies; the couple shares the duties regarding the upbringing of their children and they manage to do that harmoniously! The family is a great value for Anastasia, which is why she advocates for the right of every family to live in better conditions, comfortably and happily.


The “Comfort City” team consists of 25 professional agents along with a number of lawyers, analysts, marketing consultants, designers and even photographers and content makers. The aim of each specialist is to provide high-quality services to their clients.


According to Anastasia, her team works to make each person able to afford the best apartment or house, which they can turn into their homes. The company also assists those wishing to invest in real estate and they are 100% successful in that.


“Comfort City” led by our heroine works to create special magic between the agents, clients and developers!


Anastasia's career in real estate started rather pragmatically – the woman was looking for an occupation which would enable her to make good money for her fair work. As she says, “Agents are fed by their legs! The more you work and visit various properties, the more clients you find and the higher your income is.” Thus, she started working in one of Kyiv real estate agencies and gradually came to an understanding that she is capable of starting her own business. Goal by goal, step by step, and today her company has already been successful for more than ten years.


Anastasia thinks that in order to achieve success you need to believe in yourself and your abilities! Success is a symbiosis of circumstances, talent, hard work and passion, all spiced up with love and loyalty to your vocation and the right environment.


She also thinks that each stage of our lives is characterized by a necessary and often accidental encounter with the right person. This person inspires you and makes you believe that you can do more and better. There were quite a number of such people on Anastasia's path. She shared that recently, when everything seemed to be pointless and there was no role model, she met Iana Lutska. At this point of her life Iana is a real model for the young woman. Anastasia sees her as the source of beauty, peace and resource which inspired her to move forward and grow!


The most difficult decision that Anastasia had to take was, of course, the decision to divorce, as her family was supposed to last all her life. However, the reality turned out to be different, and this is the topic she is not yet ready to discuss.


Her life made a sharp turn when Anastasia relocated to Kyiv. This very step divided her life into “before” and “after” and she made it when she was the mother to two young kids. She came to the capital to develop and to be successful!


The qualities that she values the most are honesty and eyes shining with ideas and faith in the future. She deeply respects people who dare to dream and move forward to their dreams!


In her free time the young woman recharges by doing sport, spending time with her family and seeing her friends. She also loves dancing, taking singing classes, doing photo and video shoots for Youtube. The church takes a special place in her heart.


The wish to try herself in a new role became decisive when Anastasia was considering whether or not to take part in Mrs. Ukraine International 2022 contest. “This pageant is a new step in my personal development, that's I'm 100% sure of!”, claims the woman.