Anna Buslaeva

Anna Buslaeva

Entrepreneur, civil activist, charity fund manager, psychologist


Anna is an entrepreneur with more than 12 year experience in the sphere of organization of commercial, communal, social and international events.


She is the founder and the director of the Social City charity foundation. Among some major projects and activities organized by the foundation are the International charity ball “When the Dreams Come True”, which has been taken place ten times and gathers more than a thousand of sympathetic benefactors who raise funds for the children with cancer, family type children homes and clubs for lonely elderly people, participation in the worldwide initiative “Giving Tuesday'' and encouragement of the residents of Kharkiv to take part in charity events, charity runs “Run Together” aimed at support of people with disabilities and healthy lifestyle promotion, participation in global environmental event, etc.


Apart from that Anna is a social activist and organizes socially oriented events.


The founder and manager of the international educational online platform for families “Family Forum”.


The young woman is often invited as a speaker to self-development events in Kyiv, Kharkiv, Moscow and the UAE. She is also the author and the hostess of workshops for women and meetings with parents at an Christian Orthodox educational center.


Anna has three degrees; one in Tourism was obtained at V.N. Karazin Kharkiv National University, another, in the sphere of Economics, was awarded by Kharkiv University of Radioelectronics, and her final diploma is the one in Psychology obtained at the Institute of Psychology.


For 14 years the young woman has been a happy wife and a mother to two daughters: Sofia is 13 and Oleksandra is 11. Her highest values – happiness, love, loyalty and the pursuit of Light – are embodied in her family. All the best and real things are born in it, within the family, and then goes beyond, to the world, via sharing your worldviews, creation and implementation of various projects. The family is Anna's stronghold, inspiration and her best teacher!


“We grow in our relationships and these relationships grow stronger and warmer with every step you take together. It is not always easy to find a compromise – we are all very different! But this is our strength – to find the resources and interests in the difficulties, so that you continue walking side by side despite all the troubles and differences.”


All the family follows a healthy lifestyle. Balanced diet and sport are their everyday choices. They love traveling together and have visited 28 countries. Anna knows how to bring people together with the help of interesting, important and necessary ideas; she knows how to inspire them to create together. These are the reasons why any project she is involved in is full love, no matter whether it is commercial, social or charitable.


“For me success means being happy every day, regardless of the circumstances. Success is waking up in the morning and feeling the joy of life, the desire to create, love, inspire and be excited. Success is being a bit better today than you were yesterday. Success is looking at your husband with eyes full of love after 14 years of marriage and seeing how special and talented he is. Success is in spending a bit more time with my teenage daughters and being even closer to them. Success is understanding that you have made some mistakes and having enough resources to correct those mistakes. And, finally, success consists of everyday victories, big and small!” ensures Anna.


The beloved husband is her teacher and mentor. He is the wisest and the most incredible person for Anna. He is sensible, sensitive, patient, strong and brave, and he makes her feel protected and makes her want to improve. Of course the meeting with him was the life-turner for the woman, along with the creation of their family and the births of their children.


Our contestant values honesty, openness, cheerfulness and love of life!


She also loves doing sports; jogging is her everyday ritual. She loves diving into cool spring water, traveling, going out with her family, reading and seeing friends. The things that recharge her are prayers, meditation, sports, oil painting and communication with wise mentors.


“I try to follow my inner feelings and trust them. This is why the participation in the contest was something that came completely unexpectedly, however, it was not accidental. When I was talking to Iana Lutska, I felt that this project has senses that echo in my heart. The contest reveals the inner beauty of a woman. I am sure that a really beautiful and happy woman is first of all happy inside. Not everything can be explained, but a lot of things can be felt. And now I feel that this pageant is the path that I should follow,” says Anna.